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"Favorite Shirt" is the twenty ninth episode of Season Seven of Regular Show (and two hundred and tenth overall). It first aired on May 19, 2016.


Muscle Man's favorite shirt is stolen by Mordecai, Rigby and High Five Ghost.


Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost are pruning trees to start. Rigby complains that it's lame and Mordecai remarks that it may be the bad tools. Then Rigby wonders why Muscle Man gets the cool bow and rake while the rest of them are stuck with the crappy tools, to which Muscle Man replies, "Maybe because I'm trained, bro; call me when you've taken online archery lessons for a month." Fives notices the scientists in the bush, watching them, and asks if anyone else is curious about them. Muscle Man merely says that they just want to see how to do an honest job done for once, and starts to insult them, which leads to them writing more notes down.

Muscle Man calls out "Last load, losers!" and tosses a tree branch into the shredder, which sprinkles all over Rigby. Then he proceeds to his 45 minute nap. Angry, the other three continue to prune the trees with the crappy tools for a while until they get tired. Rigby finally wants to take Muscle Man's bow, but Fives tells him that Muscle Man doesn't take well to his stuff being touched without permission, so Rigby decides he will wake him up and ask him for it, without success. Fives remarks that once he's down, nothing will get Muscle Man up, which leads to Mordecai and Rigby messing around and "attempting" to wake him up (Rigby snaps and yells his name, Mordecai calls him "Mitch" and them slaps his lightly, then much harder). Mordecai then proceeds to take Muscle Man's favorite (and only) shirt off of him, and twirl it around and make a bad "My Mom" joke, similar to Muscle Man. Fives warns them, but Rigby just takes Muscle Man's stomach flabs and makes them talk, amusing Fives. He then asks for a try with his shirt. Taking it and twirling it as Mordecai had done, Fives says some nice things about Muscle Man, but then loses his grip on the shirt and throws it into the shredder. Frantic, he grabs onto Mordecai and asks if he even knows what he and Rigby had done realizing that was Muscle Man's favorite and only shirt, and if they don't replace it before he wakes up from his nap he will never forgive them. Mordecai calms him and says that they should simply buy the shirt again. Upon finding the tag, Rigby says he can't even read what is on it. Mordecai seems like he's giving up, but Fives points out Muscle Man shops in only one place: Big and Angry Apparel.

Upon reaching the store, Mordecai yells, "Discontinued?!". The Big and Angry Apparel clerk yells it right back at them, explaining it was a limited run deal, which makes Rigby ask more about it. The clerk says the FDA pulled it for being mostly asbestos, saying "the Man" apparently doesn't care if someone is flame-retardant. Rigby asks if it can be found anywhere else, and the clerk points them to In Yo Face Apparel.

Rigby points out the place is HUGE when they arrive there, so Mordecai suggests they split up and look for it. After looking in a rack, Rigby sees it in the "Free! Giveaway" tub behind him. As soon as he picks it up, the In Yo Face Apparel clerk swats it away from him. Saying it has a price (ironic despite where it was found, and Rigby says this). Rigby asks how else do they pay for clothes here; the clerk says they go extreme at In Yo Face Apparel: they give away a free t-shirt on the hour in a cannon. Rigby asks worriedly if that hurts anyone, but the clerk says the love it. He walks up to the register where, behind it, there are excited customers. He calls out "Are you ready?!" to the crowd, but Rigby begs him to sell him the shirt, which he refuses, saying that since he works in retail, hurting people is all he can really do. He proceeds to fire off the shirt, which Rigby lunges after. It hits him square in the face, knocks him down, and lands him in the middle of the crowd, who are tearing at the shirt and Rigby, who passes out.

A while later, Rigby comes to, and Mordecai and Fives are over him. He believes he got he shirt until he notices he is empty-handed. Mordecai says that they should just go back to the park. When they get there, Muscle Man is still asleep and Rigby asks what they do now. Fives says they must hurry and notices Muscle Man's nap will be over in 20 minutes. Mordecai sees the scientists and decides to ask them for help. Pam points out that they have a new 3D knitter that is perfect for their exact situation, but one of the other scientists tries to cut her off, saying she might as well have told them the window to it was open, and the trio has already left by then.

Upon sneaking in, Mordecai assumes the knitter is in the copy room but Rigby sees that it is locked away. Someone comes down the hall and they duck back. He is pushing some lab supplies and Fives gets an idea, asking Mordecai and Rigby to distract him. Mordecai distracts him by asking if there is a bathroom in the hall and he looks away trying to tell them, while Fives sneaks in with the lab supplies. The scientist says he has the pick of the litter because there is a weird hall with a bunch of urinals along it, and HFG suddenly emerges and smacks him with some random device, knocking him out and to Mordecai's shock, as he thought he was going to get in and open the door from the other side, which HFG admits would have also worked. Using the unconscious guy's teeth, they enter the copy room and find the knitter inside. Mordecai runs to it and tells Rigby (who comes over with a clear test tube) to hurry, and that they don't have much time. Rigby tells Mordecai he came across a machine that replicates smells, and asks him to smell the one in his hand. Mordecai is grossed out and snatches the shirt piece from him. The knitter scans and starts to put the shirt together, and it goes well until it stumbles on an error: a foreign object which is just Muscle Man's hair. It asks if they want to use all detected materials, and Rigby, who wants to hurry, says they don't have time for this and presses yes, much to HFG's dismay, who tried to pull him away. Rigby insists it's fine, trying to tell them they need to act on their instincts, but a shocked HFG and Mordecai point behind him - to a knitted-up Muscle Man figure.

Rigby wonders if they should say something to it, to which Mordecai answers that he will not go anywhere near it. Rigby says that since HFG is Muscle Man's best friend. he should talk to it, to which HFG unwittingly replies, "Whaaaaat?!", then sighs. He unwillingly approaches it, calling it his buddy and saying this is awkward for everyone. He asks if he will pop off the shirt, but the Muscle Man figure walks right by him to the cupcakes in the room. While he ate them, Fives remarks again that it's awkward for everyone, and that they only have 10 minutes to get the shirt on the real Muscle Man, to which Mordecai smacks his forehead before agreeing. Mordecai tries to pull it off, insisting they needed it more than the figure, but it punches him away. It comes to try and attack him, but Rigby jumps on it, covering its eyes. He then successfully pulls off the shirt, enraging the figure, that throws the knitter unsuccessfully before chasing after them.

Ducking into a hallway, Rigby asks if it is following them and Mordecai confirms it. He asks for the shirt and splits off in the opposite direction from Rigby and Fives. The figure is confused at first, but then goes after Mordecai because he has the shirt. Mordecai dives for an exit across the room and gets tackled by the figure, whose leg is stuck on a door handle, and stars to unravel the monster's pants. In the next door he runs through, he catches up with Rigby and Fives. Rigby is happy he's alive and Mordecai asks what now. Fives tell them there is a loading base just up ahead, so they keep running, while the figure chases them only in underwear and shoes.

Dr. Langer starts asking the scientists about Muscle Man, and they tell him what they know. But when he asks about Fives, he, Mordecai, and Rigby pass behind him, much to the scientists' shock. When Dr. Langer asks, "Well?" the figure passes by. One of the scientists points behind and says "Uh..." but Pam and the other one signal to him not to go on with that statement.

Upon getting outside, Mordecai asks, "What now?" again and Rigby spots a Jeep up ahead. When they get in, the person carrying boxes to it say that they aren't allowed to ride in it, and even he is not allowed. Rigby exclaims it's "official park business" and they take off. Rigby asks if they lost it, and right then, it jumps right onto the hood of the Jeep. Mordecai shakes it off the hood onto the road. Rigby turns back asking where it is, and it unexpectedly pops up on the rear. Mordecai wants to know what they do, and when they drive by Muscle Man, Fives panics, saying he can wake up any minute. Rigby tells Mordecai to circle back past Muscle Man, and he does so, with the figure hanging on for dear life. Upon getting there, Rigby grabs the bow (and somehow, arrow) and ties a loose thread from the figure to it, and fires it away, saying it's time to unwind [the figure]. The arrow attaches to a tree, and the figure unravels the further away from it they get. But it says "thank you" before it is merely a skull. Mordecai puts the shirt back on, and a few seconds later, Muscle Man wakes up, and says "Hey, bros," looking a little confused. Mordecai replies, saying hey and asking how his nap went. Muscle Man replies it was pretty good and then abruptly says that something is not right. Mordecai, Rigby, and Fives gets super worried right then and there, then Rigby asks what it is. Muscle Man remarks saying there was a fingerprint on his bow, and that they had no respect for his stuff before walking away. Mordecai, Rigby and Fives just look at one another, and the episode ends.



S7E29 Favorite Shirt Credits


  • Park
    • Dome
  • Big and Angry Apparel
  • In Yo Face Reclaimed Apparel


  • In the Copy Room, there's a Measurements Chart on the wall with pictures of Skips, Hi Five Ghost, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Mordecai on it. However, the measurements aren't listed.
  • This is the first time Fives calls Muscle Man by his first name, Mitch. Even though the latter says that only Starla and the people who check his driver's license call him that, as shown in in "Power Tower".

Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • The machine that blend shirt with hair is a reference machine from the 1986 movie The Fly in which a human being is mixed with a amosca in a teleportation machine.
  • When knitted muscle man is getting unwound with the bow and arrow this is a reference to the mummy getting unwound from the 1987 movie The Monster Squad.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode was released early on iTunes before it aired on television.


  • Muscle Man didn't have any arrows by his bow in the beginning, but when the trio escapes from the scientists' lab and pass by him again, some arrows appear.
  • Benson and Pops are listed in the credit. However, they do not make any appearance.