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Father Time is a being constructed completely of clocks and wears a purple hat.


He is made of many different types of clocks and he wears a purple hat somewhat resembling that of a state trooper. His face is a clock itself and the two clock hands function as lips. He has a very deep voice, and is able to materialize wherever he pleases. Father Time inhabits some unknown dimension that literally serves as his house, as he mentions there's a living room with lots of his invisible items.


It's Time

After Mordecai went on a rampage to sabotage Rigby's date with Margaret, Mordecai grabbed all the clocks in the house and microwaved them, causing a dimensional portal where Mordecai kills Rigby by shoving him off the microwave and is teleported to Father Time's realm. He was angry that Mordecai was the one microwaving all of his clocks or "limbs." and in addition breaking some of his (invisible) possessions in his living room. He forces Mordecai to reflect on his jealousy to Rigby; at first, he said that Mordecai must stay until the end of time but then decides that house guests really annoy him and he lets Mordecai start over again. He tells Mordecai to ride the "time pony" back to the present, and to stay out of his dimension forever.

Regular Show: The Movie

Father Time makes his return in the movie where he has joined the resistance against the evil Mr. Ross who is bent on destroying all of time and collects Rigby who got knocked out from a collision at a gas station for spaceships. Father Time advises that Rigby apologize to Mordecai so that their friendship shall not decay and fall into bitter rivalry, then recharges Rigby's spaceship with fuel. Father Time first tells Rigby that'll cost him $50,000, shocking Rigby that he can't pay, until the former assures him it was just a joke, and Rigby leaves to go stop Mr. Ross.

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  • One of his digital clocks reads 4:20, as a reference to stoner culture.
  • Some of his clocks show different times from each other.
    • This may be because of the different time zones in the world.
  • Another character in Regular Show who has invisible items is Park Avenue.
  • In Regular Show: The Movie, he is mostly animated in CGI.