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"Family BBQ"
Season 4, Episode 29
Premiere date: June 17, 2013 (US)
March 3, 2014 (UK)
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"The Last Laserdisc Player"

"Family BBQ" is the twenty-ninth episode in Season 4 (and one hundred eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 17, 2013.


Mordecai meets Margaret's father, and hopes to shake his hand.


While at the Coffee Shop, Margaret invites Mordecai to her family barbecue. Rigby's out because he doesn't like family barbecues. Mordecai punches Rigby and says, "She wasn't talking to you." Eileen tells Mordecai that Margaret's dad can be aggressive and refuses to shake hands with any man Margaret brings home. So Mordecai joins now that him and Margaret are out of the friend zone. When they arrive, Mordecai meets Margaret's mom, Denise Smith. Denise asks Margaret if he is Diaper Boy (hinting that Margaret told her about the bet). She then introduces Mordecai to the rest of her family.

Mordecai later meets up with Margaret's dad, Frank. Mordecai wants to shake hands with him, but doesn't get one. Mordecai does whatever he can to get a handshake but fails. One of Margaret's cousins tells Mordecai that the only way to get a handshake is to beat Margaret's dad in a cannonball contest. This annoys Margaret and her mom, but Denise says that's why she loves him.

At first, Mordecai had a good start until Frank goes on Chopper 6 and jumps off, calling it a "mannonball." Frank wants Mordecai to give up but he doesn't. So Frank keeps going higher and higher until Mordecai asks "What's your problem?!" Frank then tells Mordecai that he doesn't want to lose his baby girl. Mordecai says she talks about him a lot and that she'll love him no matter what. This makes Frank happy and he tells Fred, the helicopter pilot to bring them down but he can't.

Frank falls out of the helicopter Mordecai, although scared, grabs a parachute and tries to save Frank. Frank says "I treated you like garbage," to which Mordecai says that it doesn't matter Margaret likes him, because she'll love her dad no matter what. Mordecai tries to use the parachute, but it doesn't work. While falling, Mordecai finally gets a handshake from Frank, and Mordecai and Frank end up falling into the pool, resulting to both of them going to the hospital.

Margaret asks the doctor if they're going to be alright. The doctor tells her if it wasn't for the handshake, they would've died, and he will be able to separate them in six weeks. Rigby then enters the room saying "Mordecai! I heard what happened, that was so cool! I want to fall out of Chopper 6 next! Mannonball! Mannonball! Mannonball!" Frank asks Mordecai if he knows Rigby, and Mordecai says no.




  • Mordecai and Margaret start dating in this episode, until the end of "Steak Me Amedeus".

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