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"Expert or Liar"
Season 5, Episode 28
S5E28Expert or Liar Title Card
Production code: 530
Premiere date: June 12, 2014 (US)

March 2, 2015 (UK)

Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Expert or Liar" is the twenty-eighth episode in Season 5 (and one hundred forty-fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 12, 2014.


Rigby wants to redeem himself by winning on "Expert or Liar."


The scene opens on Rigby weeding the Park's flower garden. He is approached by an elderly woman who commends him on his work, she asks if he is an expert on flowers. Rigby boasts that he is indeed an expert on flowers. Hearing this, the old woman unzips what turns out to be a full body suit to reveal none other than Bert Coleman, the snarky, yet charismatic host to the popular game show Expert or Liar. Apparently the show runs by having Bert disguise himself each week and question random people on their level of expertise. Anyone claiming to be an expert would be immediately quizzed on the subject they said they have knowledge on. True to the show's namesake, if the contestant gets any of the ten questions wrong, they are branded a liar on national TV.

At Pop's house, Mordecai, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost and Thomas are watching the broadcast alongside a visibly disgruntled Rigby. On TV Bert asks Rigby what colour violets are, to which Rigby answers "red". Of course, he gets this wrong and is promptly branded a liar before getting beaten up by the game show crew. Cut back to the lounge and the Park workers are now laughing at the screen, much to Rigby's chagrin. Determined not to let his public humiliation slide, Rigby vows to get back on Bert's show and prove he's an expert at something.

Rigby later starts packing food from the snack bar for his lone quest. Mordecai questions his friend on how he intends to find Bert since the man is always in disguise. Rigby answers with full conviction that since Bert's costumes are really lame, all he has to do is find the weirdest looking person on the street and try to pull their face off. Mordecai warns him that sounds like a terrible idea, but Rigby would have none of it. He states that he's sick of not being taken seriously and he's not coming back until he finds Bert.

So Rigby spends the day going around screaming "Bert Coleman!" at bewildered strangers before trying to pry their faces off, noteworthy individuals including an old man, a mime, an ice-cream man, a boyfriend, a construction worker, a horse, and Manslaughter from the episode Cruisin' who gives him a black eye. As it turns out, none of them were Bert Coleman. Back at the Park, Benson is not pleased to find his workers had been getting into the snack bar supplies. However, he changes his tone after hearing about Rigby's humiliating run-in with Bert's show from Mordecai. The park manager goes out in search of Rigby and eventually finds him passed out from exhaustion in a seedy part of town. Rigby wakes up after being brought to Benson's apartment and his boss expresses sympathy for his situation. Benson reveals that he too was humiliated on National TV some years ago, and he had the tape to prove it.

In the video, a younger Benson with glasses and a full head of hair was a contestant on a game show called Say That Word. Making it to the final round and one word away from winning $100,000, Benson screws up the last word by reading "banana" instead of "bandana". Losing his chance at the money (and all his hair), Benson instead received a bandana with the word "loser" labelled on it while the studio audience jeers him in the background. Recalling those dark days when people use to hand him bananas every time he left the house, Benson resolves that no one else should have to suffer like he did and offers to help Rigby win back his dignity on Bert's show. They decide that Rigby could focus on sandwiches as his topic of choice this time round.

Rigby ponders on how they were going to find Bert, but Benson assures him that he'll handle it. The next day Benson tasks the other Park workers with finding Bert Coleman for Rigby by going to all the sandwich shops in town. While they were initially unconvinced, Benson manages sway everyone by reminding them of the times Rigby lied to cover for them when they were in trouble. Thomas offers to link them up with his friend Cody, who works as an intern on Expert or Liar, since he might know where Bert Coleman will be next. So Benson, Thomas and Rigby go to visit Cody while the rest of the gang hit the sandwich shops.

At the Expert or Liar headquarters, Cody allows his guests to look through the upcoming episode files. They discover that there were no sandwich related episodes, instead Benson finds a file on an upcoming episode that will be set at an arcade. Encouraged by the prospect of being tested on video games, Rigby agrees to tackle the challenge head on. Cody brings up a problem; Expert or Liar does not allow repeat guests. Rigby however, has a plan.

At the arcade, a tall human gamer is approached by a tubby guy who asks him if he’s an expert on video games. As soon as the gamer discloses he is an expert, the tubby guy unzips himself to reveal a disguised Bert Coleman, just like last time the camera crew appear out of nowhere and being filming. To Bert’s surprise the gamer pulls his own trick back on him by unzipping his costume and revealing himself to be Rigby (who somehow managed to look completely inconspicuous in a much larger full body suit.) Rigby demands to be let back on the show, but although Burt was ready to say ‘no’, he’s supported by Benson and a chorus of other past game show contestants who’d all been publicly humiliated on national TV. Bert agrees, but reveals that this episode is the season finale and is being broadcasted live as they speak. We cut to the Park where Mordecai, Thomas, Skips, Pops and High Five Ghost are tuning in from the lounge. Bert threatens Rigby that if he loses a second time, they will re-run the episode as long as the show's still on air (which will happen for a long time because the show's rating are good).

Bert transports Rigby and himself to the gaming centre, which is set out like a side-scrolling platform game. Rigby must climb his way to the top, while answering ten game related questions that will get him past the inbuilt obstacles. Bert flies to the top via a floating platform and beings the trivia questions, many involving games that’d featured previously in Regular Show, including Xtreme Xcape (Bet to Be Blonde), Strong Johns (Brain Eraser), The Hammer (Rage Against the TV), Dig Champs (Death Punchies), Lemonade Stand (Just Set Up the Chairs), and the Maximum Glove (Video Game Wizards). Rigby aces through them up to question nine and manages to cling to the last beam as the rest of the platforms fall away. As his contestant holds on for dear life, Bert menacingly poses the final question: Who holds the universal record in the game Broken Bonez? Rigby says it was Garrett Bobby Ferguson. Bert says that's the incorrect answer, and calls him a liar. But Rigby, still remembering the events from High Score, says it was originally Garrett Bobby Ferguson, until he and Mordecai beat his score. Rigby takes the game, which somehow gives him the ability to fly. He goes up and decks Bert Coleman in the face, which causes the game show host to fall off the platform and be eaten by a pixelated version of Garrett Bobby Ferguson, which then explodes. As Rigby revels in his victory, Benson looks on proudly near the audience stand while eating a banana.

Back at the park, the guys cheer Rigby on over the television. When Mordecai mentions that Rigby was lucky that he didn't go for sandwiches, Hi-Five Ghost suddenly realizes that Muscle Man is still looking for Bert Coleman, attempting to yank a burger suit off a bystander, unaware that Rigby changed topics and that there was no episode on sandwiches.


  • The obstacles scenario called "Games Gallery" is a reference to the classic nintendo game of "Donkey Kong" where Mario makes his first appearance. Red floors and the stairs are almost identical.


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