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"Exit 9B"
Season 4, Episode 1-2
S4E01 Exit 9B Titlecard
Premiere date: October 1, 2012 (USA)

May 29, 2013 (UK)

Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Bad Kiss (Season 3)"
"Starter Pack"

"Exit 9B" is the first episode in Season 4 (and eightieth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 1, 2012. This is the show's second half hour television special. It received a total of 3.047 million viewers, which was a series record until "Terror Tales of the Park II" beat it with 3.109 million viewers.


Two months after the park is destroyed, Mordecai and Rigby must bring the brainwashed workers, excluding the newly hired Thomas, back to their old selves to prevent a highway from being built over the park.


A new intern, Thomas arrives at the park, but can't find any of the park staff. He enters the house, looking for Benson. As he gets a call from his mother, a crash is heard outside, and he runs outside, seeing complete chaos. A mysterious, bearded character is chasing and shooting the park employees with a laser stun-gun. Only Mordecai and Rigby are able to escape, with Rigby holding a document and Mordecai using the time-traveling device from "Bad Kiss". Shortly after Mordecai and Rigby disappear into time, the stranger demolishes the house.

Two months later, Mordecai and Rigby discover that the rest of the staff have been brainwashed and have lost their memories, and that the park has been razed to make place for Exit 9B of the freeway. They have a document from City Hall that can end the freeway construction by making the park a historical site, but in order for it to be effective, it needs to be signed by every member of staff.

Mordecai and Rigby now must find everyone to sign the documents. Starting with Skips, they find that he has left his home, but a business card reveals that he has his own auto body shop (as seen earlier). Skips has no memory of the duo, but Rigby is able to trigger his memory by reminding him of the only woman he ever loved. Skips signs the document and the three set off to find the rest of the park staff.

Pops is working at the city butterfly sanctuary but is given a memory jog by a lollipop. A "My Mom" joke brings Muscle Man back from his new job and new look as a quantum physics professor. Hi Five Ghost is working as a pizza delivery man but is reminded by a high five. Only Benson remains.

Benson still works at the park, but is now under the employment of the mysterious bearded stranger. Thomas also remains at the park, now as the stranger's intern and coffee boy. The team is unable to convince Benson to sign the document before they are captured and buried neck-deep in cement by the mysterious stranger's goons, who were commanded by the brainwashed gumball machine.

The mysterious stranger reveals himself to be Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr., the son of Garrett Bobby Ferguson, and explains that the entire Exit 9B project is designed to get revenge on Mordecai and Rigby, who defeated his father in the episode "High Score". By destroying everything Mordecai and Rigby hold dear, he hopes to make his father proud. G.B.F. Jr. revives the dozens of enemies of past episodes, including his father, and the six buried staff members seem doomed.

However, Skips is able to summon allies of his own, with Gary, Death, Techmo, the God of Basketball and the Guardians of Eternal Youth appearing to free the park employees from their cement prison. Though they are outnumbered, Mordecai gives a short speech about standing up for the park. An epic battle ensues, with the good park team facing off against the evil minions of G.B.F. Jr. During this battle, the Baby Ducks and the Lemon Chef also appear to help the park employees.

After an intense battle, Mordecai and Rigby are ambushed by Benson and must take the golf cart to escape from Benson's giant digger. Reaching a dead end, they find themselves stuck in the mud, but manage to get Benson's memory back by turning donuts, Rigby saying "hamboning", saying "Not setting up the chairs next time!", annoying Benson, and finally, their "Woooooooaaaaaaahhhhh" catchphrase.

Benson finally signs the document and the gang think they have won. However, G.B.F. Jr. points out that there is one missing employee - Thomas, who started work that very day. G.B.F. Jr. threatens to brainwash Thomas unless Mordecai hands over the document - Mordecai gives G.B.F. a folder, and Thomas smacks G.B.F. Jr. with his coffee and he is kicked over the edge of the freeway ramp. However, Benson is able to swoop down and save Thomas, while Mordecai and Rigby reveal that they'd made a last-minute switch to the document folder, meaning that Thomas is able to sign the document and save the park at the last minute, thus sending the revived villans back to the afterlife after they are sucked back into the portal. G.B.F. exploded after Thomas signed it as well his son G.B.F. Jr. exploded and was sent through the portal as well.

Meanwhile, the park is restored back to normal. Thomas asks if this kind of thing happens often - he is assured that it does. As everyone else leaves to fix the damage, Thomas then receives a call from his mother, and tells her that, despite what he said earlier, he now doesn't want to quit his internship, because he feels working at the park is going to be really cool.




Episode Connections

Pop Culture References

  • The special's plot is similar to the plot of South Park episodes "200" and "201".
  • While Lemon Chef and Baby Ducks battle Destroyer Of Worlds and Alpha Susan, Alpha Susan's roars are the same as Godzilla's from "Godzilla (1998)."


  • This episode contradicts the events of This Is My Jam, when Mordecai says "You can't touch music, but music can touch you". Despite this, Mordecai killed the Summertime Song with a wooden stick. He may have meant that physical beings couldn't touch physical forms of music.
  • The Master Prank Caller can be seen in the army, despite befriending Mordecai and Rigby at the end of "Prank Callers". However, this might've been an evil copy of him.
  • Some of the zombies from Zombocalypse (3D) are included in the army, despite them not being real, and never having any issue with the park workers at all.
  • In one shot, Techmo is seen inside of a wrecking ball machine, smashing zombies out of the way. In the very next shot, however, he's back in his original position on Gary's car.

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