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Evil Brain is a minor character in Regular Show. He is the antagonist in his episode debut "The Brain of Evil".


He's a large pink brain that can float and he uses his brainstem as his arm.


He was evil and cheated. He caused a crime wave. He, being a literal brain is very intelligent and cunning.


Crime Wave

The Brain of Evil was born seemingly a long time ago, and he may even be immortal. He was probably born in space, being a floating brain (Which is most likely an alien species.) He lived on The Space Tree, and was an evil brain. He caused a mass Crime Wave[1] that almost ruined that sector.

Captured by Keith

At some point, Colonel Rawls Commissioned Keith to capture The evil brain. The Brain seemed unstoppable to Keith, but challenged him to a game of chess, and captured him in a bird cage. Keith gave the brain a chess table and a TV to play against, which he would later on come to regret, as according to him, The Brain just became unbeatable after all his practice.

S8E08.010 Keith Surprising the Duo.png

Discovered by Rigby

Rigby, a raccoon, who was taken to the Space Tree after pressing The Button and after they needed to find somewhere to hang out He, and his friend, Mordecai, the blue jay the discover Chow Mein and Don't Touch Anything, the shop where there are plenty of artefacts, that they cannot touch, as well as Keith's Shop, where he was keeping the evil brain locked up. Rigby, of course breaks the rules (Of not touching anything) by going into the room where the evil brain was kept. The Brain lies to Rigby telling him he was a 'country brain' and that Keith jerkishly locked him, so Rigby unleashes him.


The Brain walked into a random space tree ally, probably to commit a crime[2]. Mordecai and Rigby follow him, but he is too quick, as he is a floating Brain. Mordecai and Rigby eventually find him, in their dome coincidentally. He is in the Dome's control room, in the top room of the Park House, he pilots the dome of into space. Benson, Mordecai and Rigby's boss, message the duo to ask them why the park is floating. Colonel Rawls joins the call asking Benson why his park is floating, and Benson tells him it is Mordecai and Rigby's fault, so Rawls asks him to sort it out. Benson tells Rawls it is Mordo and Rigs' fault, so Benson gets out of the call. Mordecai and Rigby say it was a brain, and Rawls remembers when Keith captured the Brain, so he calls Keith and he says he needs to be defeated at chess.


Mordecai and Rigby challenge The brain at chess. Now the Brain says that he will for sure beat them. Mordecai and Rigby are inexperienced with chess, and are on the losing side. The Brain uses a cheat tactic and wins, but Mordecai uses the distraction as a chance to trap the brain in a glass bowl, and closes the bottom with the chess board, and throws him out into space, presumably killing him.


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  2. He was taking space-drugs lol