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"Every Meat Burritos" is the fourth episode in Season 5 (and one hundred-twentieth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on September 16, 2013.


Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Fives want all-meat burritos from the Jimbros' Burritos Restaurant.


Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High-Five Ghost are in the living room in the house, when they see a commercial for "every meat burritos" at Jimbros Burritos, a kind of burrito with every kind of meat in it. They decide that they have to go get one.

When they drive up to the drive-thru window in the golf cart to order a burrito, Jimbo Jim points to a sign that says "NO CAR NO SERVICE". Rigby tries to tell him that it is a car, but he says the golf cart doesn't count, because it has no doors. 

A few minutes later, Rigby, Mordecai, High-Five Ghost, and Muscle Man drive up again in the golf cart; this time, with cardboard doors taped to the side of the cart to make it look like a car. However, as Muscle Man is ordering four Every Meat Burritos, the cardboard doors blow away in the wind; Jimbo, witnessing this, closes the drive-thru window in front of them. 

The guys go back to the park, and Muscle Man uses his car; however, while driving the car, the engine explodes and falls out. As a result, they go around asking Skips, Pops, Starla, Muscle Bro, Gary, and Benson for a car to borrow; they all decline in response (especially Benson, who is mad because Mordecai totaled it amidst the events of "Picking Up Margaret"). Then Muscle Man remembers something, and asks Fives if his brother (who worked as a cop) has a car at the police station to borrow. Fives says yes, but mentions that the cars at the police station have bad history.

At the police station, the cop shows them to a car- one in disrepair that Rigby describes as "an old dirty brick". But the officer tells them the story about how it was used as a getaway car in the 70's. There was an intense police chase, after a robber robbed the bank and escaped in the car. The car got blocked off in an alley by police, but when they looked inside, the robber was gone.

After they hear the story, they suddenly think the car is awesome, and they ask if he was sure they could use it. The officer said that it is only used for target practice (which probably explains its condition) and as long as they bring it back, no one will notice. 

They finally drive up to Jimbros Burritos and get four burritos, but as they are about to take them out of the bag, a hand suddenly comes out of nowhere and grabs the bag. They look behind to see the man in the back of the car who grabbed it; he somehow sinks into the backseat carpet. The gang climbs into the back to follow the burrito snatcher and they start to sink too; they find out that the carpet is really deep. As they sink under it, they find a secret passageway made of carpet, which, ironically, is longer and deeper than the car itself. As they run through, Muscle Man steps on a trap on the floor which traps him and Fives in a net, leaving Mordecai and Rigby. They try to get them out, but Muscle Man instructs them to keep going instead.

Mordecai and Rigby eventually find a small room with a bed and some furniture. The man they were chasing comes out of the wall with their burrito bag, and Mordecai and Rigby immediately demand for their burritos back. They then ask the man, whose name is Barry, why he is living down inside the car. Barry explains his story how he was the bank robber. When he escaped in his car, he got chased by the police, and cut off in an alley, so he had to hide in the carpet. But then the police took the car back to the police compound, and he was stuck in the car because if he tried to escape, he would immediately be caught. Barry said he survived off the bits and crumbs of food dropped in the back by police officers. He told Mordecai and Rigby that he couldn't help himself from taking the burritos, and that he will enjoy eating them up. Again, Mordecai and Rigby ask for them back, but Barry refuses. Rigby tries to jump at him, but he dodges. Mordecai grabs him, but he weakly karate-chops him. Mordecai and Rigby realize that Barry is really weak and bad at fighting. Mordecai punches him twice, and he starts falling back screaming slowly, pretending to roll around the room, smashing everything, and falling on his bed. Rigby takes back the burritos, and then invites Barry to come outside with them, telling him the cops wouldn't be after him. The second Barry gets out of the car, he gets arrested by the cops.

The episode ends with Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Fives finally eating their every meat burritos. However, they seem to be slightly unimpressed by the taste, with Rigby saying it tastes like chicken.





  • Lex Lang makes a guest appearance as Barry.
  • In real-life, such burritos would not exist as most of the animal meat that is in them is not fit for human consumption.
    • In addition, a listed meat contained in the burrito is Long Pig, an antiquated term for human flesh, meaning that the consumers would have committed cannibalism.
  • Hi Five Ghost has an aunt named Air Five Ghost.

Episode Connections

  • Rigby and Benson mention the events from "Picking Up Margaret".
    • Coincidentally Benson's car was also destroyed in the previous episode before this one.
  • Chad and Jeremy make cameo appearances in this episode since their debut appearance in "Replaced."

Pop Culture References

  • The scene where Mordecai punches the criminal and his overly dramatic reaction to the punch are a nod to the infamous scene from the 1973 Turkish film Karate Girl, where the main protagonist shoots a man, causing him to scream in pain and have bizarre reactions while the protagonist is still shooting him.
  • Starla's car is based on a Volkswagen Beetle.


  • When finally arriving in a car, one of the Jimbros' workers claim that they have run out of Llama but substituted Smoked Alpaca. If this is the case, Smoked Alpaca should be included in the burrito as it is an Every Meat Burrito.