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Escape From Ninja Dojo

Escape from Ninja Dojo is the fifth Regular Show game on Cartoon Network. The story of the game narrates that Rigby bought a bootleg copy of the video game from the store. Mordecai warns Rigby that bootleg copies are dangerous, but he wouldn't listen. He then gets sucked into the game, and the only way to escape is by beating the game. There are thirty levels in this game. The objective is to try and complete a level using as few jumps as possible.


  • Just For Kicks: Kick 3 ninjas on Level 1
  • Feet of Fury: Score 450,000 points
  • Whirlwind Attack: Get a combo of 7
  • Ninja Rigby: Beat all the levels
  • Master of the Dojo: Earn a perfect rating on every level
  • Ancient Secrets: Mystery badge: collect the 3 hidden scrolls



  • This game is based off Sticky Ninja Academy, where the ninjas are the same and instead playing as Rigby, you play as a Ninja. The levels look exactly the same and the music is similar.
  • Hint: The 3 scrolls are on levels 8, 13, and 24.

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