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This article is about the episode. For the movie, see here.

"Ello Gov'nor" is the season premiere of Season Two (and the thirteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 29, 2010.


Rigby becomes traumatized over a stupid possessed taxi in a black-and-white British horror film titled, "Ello Gov'nor!"


Rigby rents a movie at the Movie Shack Hut. On the way out, he bumps into an employee for the store outside. Rigby makes fun of his "outfit" (he is dressed as the Empire State Building, complete with a gorilla hanging from the top of the lightning rod). As Rigby walks away, the employee shouts, "It's a costume! They make me wear it!"

Back at the park, it's movie night for Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai picks up the popcorn and Rigby grabs the movie he rented. Mordecai thinks that they're going to watch the movie Shy Guy (which is most likely a love movie), but Rigby complains that he has seen the movie 100 times and that he got something even better, showing Mordecai the movie he rented, called Ello Gov'nor. The film is a horror movie about a British taxi possessed by the soul of its driver seeking vengeance on the gang members responsible for his death and murder, which Mordecai refuses to watch. He reminds Rigby that the last time they watched a horror movie, he had to walk him to the bathroom every night for a week. Rigby is still not held back, saying that it's black-and-white, and old and cheesy ("It'll be hilarious."). Mordecai finally gives in and turns on the movie, to which Rigby quickly grows fearful from the first encounter with the possessed taxi. When the movie ends, Mordecai is asleep, proclaiming the movie is likely cheesy, while Rigby is still in grave terror.

While Mordecai is peacefully asleep, Rigby is wide awake and terrified. Rigby gets up and goes to the window, and spots the British taxi. He calls Mordecai, but he is still asleep and when Rigby turns around, he sees the taxi directly at the window and runs to Mordecai again, trying to get him to wake up by shaking him. Suddenly, Mordecai's eyes light up and the British taxi comes out of him. Rigby wakes up screaming, and Mordecai is bothered by Rigby's shrieks, telling him to dream about being a tough guy instead. Rigby goes back to sleep and dreams he is a tough guy called "Riggerson/Fists" about to punch a man in an alley when the British taxi appears from nowhere and hits Rigby. He wakes up shrieking again and Mordecai gets even more frustrated, resorting to watching "The making of Ello Gov'nor" repeatedly until Rigby conquers his fear. He holds Rigby up to the TV for 3 days, telling him to look at the screen and pointing out the microphone. By the end, they are both worn out, and Rigby finally escapes Mordecai's grasp, and throws the tape of the movie at the wall, destroying it. Later, Mordecai takes Rigby to Benson's cricket game to try to desensitize him to British people, but they all greet him with the phrase "Ello, Gov'nor" until the British taxi appears yet again, causing Rigby to flee back home in a panic. Mordecai explains Rigby's fear to Pops and Skips, to which Pops points out he owns a British taxi of his own.

When Rigby asks what's inside Pops' barn, Pops unlocks the barn and shows them his taxi (which turns out to be an American taxi). Mordecai asks Rigby if he is ready, but Rigby is still scared but of his mind. Mordecai tries to assure that everything will be okay, but Rigby decides to go to the bathroom. After Rigby washes his hands, he spots tire marks on the bathroom toilet paper, which sends him running out of the bathroom in a panicked frenzy. When he answers the ringing phone, the caller sounds just like the British taxi and Rigby threw the phone and the fax machine prints out a sheet of paper with the words 'Ello Gov'nor' written on it. Rigby runs and hides in the back of Pops' taxi, and then in the taxi Mordecai was asleep and Pops takes a drive through the woods.

The dark woods cause Rigby to tremble, and in his mind's eye, the trees seem to make scary faces and the British Taxi shows up on a constant basis. To make matters worse, the car stops. Although still horrified, Rigby frantically asks why did they stopped, to which Pops realizes the reason the taxi stopped, because they have run out of gas then. This makes Rigby even more horrified enough to wake up Mordecai and tell them they are out of gas. When Rigby sees the British taxi coming, Mordecai doesn't believe him until they realize it really is coming for them. Everyone starts to flee in panic, and the taxi pursues them, destroying everything in its path (including Pops' taxi). Rigby is finally cornered against a tree and when Pops and Mordecai try to come to the rescue, the taxi knocks them both unconscious with its front doors with Mordecai lets out a groan of pain. Just when the taxi is about to move in for the kill, Rigby pounces on it in a fit of rage and starts tearing it apart, furiously telling him to leave him alone, until he completely destroys it by smashing it with tree. It is revealed that Rigby merely hit his head and started acting psychotic, and the vehicle pursuing them is actually the employee from the Movie hut, wearing a British taxi costume. He asks for the movie, saying it's way overdue, but Rigby explains that he broke the tape when he threw it against the wall. The worker therefore asks for a fine for the damaged tape. Pops pays for the movie with a lollipop, and Mordecai and Rigby drag Pops away.

In bed, Rigby thanks Mordecai for helping him facing his fears and dozes off, dreaming that he is a tough guy, (fists) driving the British taxi through outer space towards the moon saying "So they say this city's pretty tough. But I'm tougher.", as the episode ends.






  • It was hinted that Rigby’s last name is Riggerson, though this was never confirmed or denied.
    • If this is the case, it would make him, Pops, Muscle Man, and Benson the only park workers with confirmed last names.
  • Mordecai was revealed to have watched a movie called “Shy Guy” at least 100 times.
  • The MF DOOM and Jneiro Jarel song Guv'nor uses numerous sound bites from the episode, such as Mordecai and the British Taxi saying "ello gov'nor."

Pop Culture References[]

  • The costume of the Empire State Building with a gorilla hanging from the top of the lightning rod that Matt was wearing is a reference to King Kong.
  • The car that turns out to be a costume is similar to a scene from Cirque du Soleil's stage show The Beatles: Love, in which a Volkswagen Beetle turns out to be a group of performers wearing pieces of a Beetle costume.
  • Transformers is parodied when Matt "transforms" into his normal self out of his taxi form, with the same sound effect from Transformers being played.
  • Potentially based on the 1990 film I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle, about a motorcycle possessed by an evil spirit, and set in England.
  • Potentially based on the 1983 Stephen King novel Christine (as well as John Carpenter's film adaptation), which is about a murderous 1958 Plymouth Fury.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.067 million views worldwide.
  • This is the last episode to air in 2010.


  • The taxi is correctly depicted as having the right-hand drive, since British traffic drives on the left.
    • However, in Rigby's closing dream sequence, he is seen sitting in a similar taxi with a left-hand drive.
  • Although Rigby said that the film was black and white, the year was 1982, one of the rare black and white films after the late 60s.
  • When Mordecai and Rigby asks Pops whether he has money to pay Matt, Mordecai is missing white rectangles on his arms.

Alternate Versions[]


  • Mordecai's line, "You're screaming like a friggin' maniac!" is changed to "You're screaming like a flippin' maniac!"
    • Another line Mordecai says, "Holy Crap! It's real!" is changed to "Oh man, dude, it's real."
    • This is also the only time the UK never censored "Crap" to "Crud".
  • In 2014, the scene where the bones come out of the taxi as well as the taxi eating the man and the dog was cut.


  • In Australia, the line is "You're screaming like a maniac!"
    • However, on some airings, the word might come out as "Faniac".