Elevator Repairman
S7E09 Elevator Repairman
Biographical Information
Occupation: Elevator Repairman
Species: Ghoul
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Show Information
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett
Appears in: "Terror Tales of the Park V"

Elevator Repairman is a character in Regular Show. He appeared in "Terror Tales of the Park V" in the story, "Going Up".


Hi Five Ghost first meets him when he's going to meet Celia. Hi Five Ghost asked if the elevator was fixed and he said it was and he let Hi Five Ghost use the elevator. When the elevator stops working, Hi Five Ghost calls him to fix it. He messes with Hi Five Ghost by playing ominous music and making the elevator go up and down very fast.

When Hi Five Ghost finally meets Celia, she informs him that the elevator has been broken the entire time and the elevator repairman died 40 years ago. When Hi Five Ghost and Celia hears the elevator door opening, they both look inside and see the repairman transform into a ghoul. He grabs Hi Five Ghost and makes the elevator crash into the bottom which then explodes in flames.


He has brown hair. He wears blue overalls, a light grey long sleeve shirt, has a tool belt, and he wears a cap with a wrench on it.

When he reveals his ghoul-form, his hair color is paler, he lacks eyes, his skins is light pale green, and his fingernails grows out.



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