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El Diablo
El Diabloo
Biographical Information
Species: Firework
Gender: Male
Eye color: Red
Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill
Appears in: "Firework Run"

El Diablo is a jumbo-sized firework that appeared in Firework Run. Hector kept it in a glass case and would not allow anyone near it, for there was a prophecy that if it was lit, it would hunt him down and kill him. Rigby smashed the case and brought the firework for the Independence Day fireworks show. El Diablo was lit when Hector shot a firecracker and missed his

target. A firework version of the South of the Line mascot appeared in the sky and started shooting at Hector. Hector tried to escape, but the firework pepper blasted him into the neon sign of the South of the Line restaurant, destroying it and him. It’s voiced by Mark Hamill but the only line it said was “Hector”.


  • "El Diablo" is Spanish for "The Devil".

    El diablo

El Diablo

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