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"Eileen Flat Screen"
Season 6, Episode 7
Production code: 608
Premiere date: November 13, 2014 (US)

September 14, 2015 (UK)

Directed by: John Infantino
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Eileen Flat Screen" is the seventh episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and sixtieth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 13, 2014.


Rigby and the others help Eileen set up her new flat-screen TV with only her roommate on their way.


The episode begins at the City College, where it's holding a modern dance competition. Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ are in attendance. On stage, a contestant dances in a pink rubber suit, the bit being it's chewed-up bubblegum. Once the routine is finished, the host announces the winner: Eileen for her dance "chewed gum." Eileen pops out of her bubblegum suit, and the host reveals her prize: a flat-screen TV, which makes a joyous Eileen squeal/scream in delight.

Outside the College, Mordecai, Rigby and CJ congratulate Eileen for winning the competition. As she takes off her bubblegum suit for work, Rigby offers to drop off the TV at Eileen's house. Grateful, Eileen thanks him before running off to the Coffee Shop to go to work. When Mordecai and CJ remark on his kind gesture, Rigby adds that he also plans to set it up for her, in hope that she would be surprised.

At Eileen's house, Rigby's behavior towards the little things he does with Eileen surprises Mordecai and CJ, like knowing where her spare key is for watering her plants (much like Mordecai in the intro to Diary). Once inside, CJ realizes that she already owns a TV, a Hanatronic model that's clearly outdated. Rigby explains it's not Eileen's; it belongs to Eileen's roommate, Joanne. He explains how easily angered Joanne gets when people touch her stuff, especially her TV (highlighted by a flashback which Rigby persuades Eileen to watch a specific program, only for Joanne to spontaneously appear and threaten Eileen).

Back in the present, Rigby is all set with his tool-belt, including a whip which he explains he and Eileen got at a Renaissance Fair. When Mordecai questions Rigby why he didn't get invited to the Renaissance Fair, Rigby explains that because he (Mordecai) is usually hanging out with CJ, he should do likewise by hanging out with Eileen. Once the air is cleared, CJ and Mordecai ask Rigby if he knows how to work it. After Rigby's attempt at a whiplash botches a snow globe with Joanne's picture in it, they decide to get to work.

After a montage of setting the TV frame up, Rigby prepares to plug the TV in to make sure it works. Unfortunately, Joanne's outdated TV plug is huge and is using the top plug, covering the bottom plug. Rigby proceeds to move her plug to the bottom (hesitating briefly remembering Joanne's threat). After Rigby plugs the flat-screen in, Joanne appears, seemingly having sensed that someone touched her TV. Joanne notices that Rigby changed the plugs. Enraged, Joanne rips the flat-screen off its frame and runs off with it.

After Joanne hijacks an elderly person's car, Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ begin pursuit in CJ's car. Rigby brings Joanne's TV along, saying that if she's going to mess with Eileen's flat-screen, they're going to mess with hers. Unfortunately, Joanne is successfully able to evade them and they crash after Joanne throws the elderly man's dentures at them. The three then see Joanne on a bridge, prepared to throw the flat-screen off the edge.

Placing Joanne's TV down on the ledge beside him, Rigby tries to reason with Joanne saying that it was wrong to touch her TV, again surprising Mordecai and CJ. Despite being moved by Rigby's speech, she still decides to throw the flat-screen down. Acting quickly, Rigby grabs his whip, and he successfully latches onto the TV just before it hits the bottom. When Joanne requests her TV back, a gust of wind blows it off the edge, destroying the TV once it hits the bottom.

As Joanne screams in agony over her destroyed TV, a soul pops out of the TV, who is revealed to be the inheritance lawyer of Joanne's family. The ghost pulls out his phone and tells the person on the other line "She failed." A limo appears, revealing Joanne's grandfather. He laments the TV, being the family heirloom, lying at the bottom of the bridge, and blames Joanne for this. It is also revealed that Joanne's last name is Hanatronic, meaning her family is the maker of the TV. Because of her failing to keep the TV safe (highlighted by a seagull choking on the bulky plug), she must give up her "modern" life, and she can no longer stay at Eileen's house. Upset, Joanne enters the limo and heads off. When Rigby tries to figure out what just happened, the lawyer tells them that Joanne requested to live in the "lower" class society. She was given permission under one condition: protect the family heirloom; the original TV her family's company produced. Now seeing it destroyed, she will no longer inherit the company (as well as remarking that in hindsight, a better way to protect the TV was just sticking it in a safe). When CJ asks what will happen to her, the lawyer tells them that Joanne will be "punished" by spending the rest of her life in high society at the Hanatronic Family Mansion. In other words, "she'll be fine". The lawyer vanishes with the snap of a finger, and Joanne's Hanatronic TV fades away. CJ comments on that being the reason Joanne didn't want anyone to tamper with her TV.

Back at Eileen's house, the trio manages to set the TV up just before Eileen arrives. Eileen is ecstatic to find out her TV is installed and that Joanne is no longer her roommate. Eileen turns the TV on, and the first thing that appears is the local news as a news reporter interviews people shopping at the mall. Mordecai tells Eileen that they originally wanted to have pizza but they never got the chance to, until Rigby surprises them one last time by planning ahead. When the pizza man arrives, Mordecai and Rigby head to the door to grab the pizza, and Eileen and CJ go into the kitchen to grab soda and plates.

In a surprise twist, once everyone leaves the area of the living room, the news reporter on TV is revealed to be Margaret. When the anchor signs off to her, Margaret ends the episode with her own sign off, saying "It's good to be back in town."


S6E07 Eileen Flat Screen Credits


  • During the montage of Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ setting up the TV, they were seen wearing empty containers of plaster on their heads. This is a reference to the band Devo, who wore flower pots on their heads in their music video "Whip It". If you listen closely, the music that plays in the background sounds similar to "Whip It."
    • Another contradiction to the song is the whip Rigby and Eileen got at a Renaissance Fair.
    • Plus the frontman to Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh, composed the music to this show.
  • Joanne Hanatronic said "Get out!" and "I said get out!" has the same quote as Sergeant Calhoun from Disney's 2012 Animated Film Wreck-It Ralph.
  • This episode makes the return of Margaret, she appears at the end of this episode. She hasn't been seen since the Season 5 premiere episode "Laundry Woes," and her absence from then on when it only lasted throughout the show's entire previous season following her only appearance in it since after it which first aired back in September 2013, well in over a year.
    • This episode also reveals that she has a new job: a news reporter for the local news and that she is back in town, long after she quit working her old job as a waitress at the coffee shop and now since then Eileen works there all alone by herself without her after Margaret has since left it behind to start attending school at Milten at the end of the first episode of her only appearance last season.
  • "Hanatronic" is a parody of the real life electronics company Panasonic.
  • This episode shows that Rigby has feelings for Eileen and might have a crush on her.
  • This is the first episode where Sean Szeles, who was then a supervising director in the episode before this, is listed as supervising producer.


  • It's major error for Joanne to steal the flat screen. In the background, when the flat screen was being set up, you could see that Joanne's TV's plug was smaller than it was when it was changed by Rigby. And there was another plug available!

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