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The Eggscellent Waiter is the name of the waiter and cashier at The Eggscellent Restaurant who only appears in Eggscellent. He is the manager and owner of the Eggscellent Diner.  


The Waiter has a gray mustache, grey sideburns, and appears to be balding. He wears a white uniform with grey pants and has a golden wristwatch.


The Waiter is well-meaning man who is very strict about the rules of the Eggscellent Challenge, such as not selling the prized trucker hat to Mordecai even though Rigby's life depended on it. He appears to know about what happens to the people who finish the challenge and tries his best to prevent anyone from even attempting the challenge to prevent them from receiving the same fate. He will even go as far as using violence to prevent the person from finishing the challenge. He is also very sympethetic, apologizing to Mordecai for Rigby's hospitalized status.


In "Eggscellent", the Waiter takes Mordecai's order before turning to Rigby. When Rigby orders the Eggscellent Challenge, the Waiter hesitates and tries to convince Rigby to order something else. However, Rigby is too stubborn and uses the restaurant's slogan, "The Customer Is Always Right!" to pressure the waiter into serving the omelette, to his and Mordecai's annoyance. The Waiter gives in and allows Rigby to order it, which in turn, sends Rigby to the hospital after a severe allergic reaction to the eggs in the omelette.

Later on, Mordecai returns to the restaurant in an attempt to purchase the hat but the Waiter refuses, saying that he is not allowed to sell the hat. Mordecai then asks for Eggscellent Challenge. The Waiter once again tries to turn Mordecai away from the Challenge but he allows him to attempt it. When Mordecai fails the challenge, he once again asks the Waiter to sell him the hat but to no avail. Mordecai throws the omelette and leaves the restaurant in anger, leaving the Waiter to shake his head in pity.

A few days later, Mordecai returns to the restaurant and asks the waiter for the Eggscellent Challenge. Once again, the Waiter attempts to convince Mordecai to change his mind but is left with no choice but to bring the omelette for him. When Mordecai begins the Challenge, the Waiter notices that Mordecai is using Jonathan Kimble's strategies. Knowing that Mordecai could potentially finish the Challenge, he attempted to stop him only to be pushed back by Benson who arrived with the Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost, and Skips. The Waiter calls the other employees for backup and orders the park workers to step aside. When they refuse, the Waiter and his gang engage in a fight with them. As Mordecai finishes off the remaining bits of the omelette, the Waiter makes one final attempt to stop him but he is tripped by Benson. When he sees that Mordecai has completed the Challenge, the Waiter, in a sorrowful state claims that they were only trying to help before Mordecai is teleported to the Final Test.