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“Your choice is Eggscellent!”

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The Eggscellent Knight is a character who first appears in "Eggscellent". He appears at the end of the eating competition, and he shows several prizes, where you must choose the correct prize, or else you would die. The way of dying is unknown. If a person chooses correctly, he replaces the trucker hat with an identical one from a closet full of said hats. He later appears in "Ace Balthazar Lives" when the Knight opens up a portal to his world. In it, he runs into a mosh pit, but gets hit by a member in it and gets knocked out.


He is shown as a knight, dressed up in gray armor with a long white beard, with a sword that has a golden handle. His helmet is a bit scratched.


Meeting Johnathan Kimble[]

Before the events of the Eggscellent Challenge, he was acquainted with Johnathan Kimble, who won the challenge. Despite his victory, it was bittersweet, because Johnathan died picking up a wrong hat.

Declaring Mordecai The Winner[]

The Knight only appears once after someone finishes the Eggscellent Challenge and warp to the dungeon-like place.

Brief Meetings With Park Crew[]

In "Ace Balthazar Lives," he's seen wearing the I'm Eggscellent Net Hat  instead of his usual helmet. In Gamers Never Say Die, he is the guardian of the golden game badges Mordecai and Rigby were looking for. After the events of that episode, he lost his old job when the store floated away, which he explains when he first appears in Garage Door. In that episode, he once again assists Mordecai and Rigby, along with Pops, to get a new garage door before they are fired from Benson. They once again succeed, and when the three leave, The Eggscellent Knight bids them farewell, staying at his new job until the events of The Ice Tape, where he once again is the guardian of a challenge where the gang must choose the correct VHS to play a special tape covered in ice. This was his final meeting with the gang, as he wasn't seen after this event.



Episode Appearances[]

Season Three[]

  1. Eggscellent

Season Four[]

  1. Ace Balthazar Lives (cameo)

Season Six[]

  1. Gamers Never Say Die
  2. Garage Door

Season Eight[]

  1. The Ice Tape


  • The Eggscellent Knight is based on the Grail Knight from the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Aside from physical resemblance, they both guard a room of similar-looking objects (goblets in the original, hats in "Eggscellent") that visitors must choose from; those who "choose poorly" are met with death. Jonathan Kimble's fate echoes that of Walter Donovan, the primary villain of Last Crusade.
  • His armor resembles that of a Spanish Conquistador.
  • He has a closet full of Trucker hats, which could show how few people have completed the challenge or simply be a sight gag that for all of the trouble of trying to get the hat, there are many more just like it.
  • He also appeared on the Eggscellent commercial.


Season Three[]


Season Four[]

"Ace Balthazar Lives"

Season Six[]

"Gamers Never Say Die"

"Garage Door"

Season Eight[]

"The Ice Tape"