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"Eggscellent" is the seventeenth episode in Season Three (and fifty-seventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 27, 2012.


Mordecai must win a trucker's hat in an eating challenge at a restaurant involving a massive omelette for Rigby after the latter falls into a coma trying to do so due to his egg allergies.


The episode begins as Mordecai and Rigby are watching an action TV show in which the actor flips the car (Mordecai complains that he flips a car in every episode like, "Hey bus full of grade-schoolers, learn this. [crashing noises]."). Just then, Benson comes in and tells them that they need to get back to work. As Mordecai is about to turn off the TV, a commercial promoting an eating challenge pops up. It says that whoever can finish the restaurant's 12-egg omelet will win a trucker hat with the words, "I'm Eggscellent" on it. Rigby becomes obsessed with the hat and tells Mordecai it is a neat hat, but Mordecai thinks that nobody wears them and that it is lame. After an arguing conversation, Rigby convinced Mordecai to go to the restaurant with him to try and win the hat.

At the restaurant, when the waiter comes to take Rigby's order, he asks for the Eggscellent Challenge. The waiter strongly advises him to choose something else, but Rigby is too stubborn to change his mind and demands the omelette after he pressures him with the "customers is always right", while the waiter eventually gives in, much to Mordecai's annoyance.

We then cut to an ambulance, where it is revealed that when Rigby tried to eat the omelette, he had a deadly allergic reaction to the eggs, causing him to be evacuated to a hospital.

Weakly, Rigby explained that he thought that by eating quickly, maybe the reaction wouldn't be so severe, claiming that he believed the hat was worth it, and asked if he won the hat, but Mordecai revealed that he didn't even come close to winning the challenge before the ambulance was called. Before Rigby loses consciousness, Mordecai promises that he will win the hat for Rigby. Rigby then says his last words before he goes unconscious. Mordecai, worried that his friend may be dying, shakes him to keep him awake, but to no avail. Seeing that Rigby is slowly dying, one of the paramedics pushes Mordecai back and frantically tells the driver to punch it since they're losing Rigby. Sitting on one of the ambulance's benches, all Mordecai can do is watch as the medic begins performing CPR on Rigby.

We then cut to the hospital where the rest of the park workers had arrived to see what happened to Rigby. In Rigby's hospital room, the doctor tells them that Rigby is in a coma due to the allergic reaction he had to the eggs. To make matters worse, the doctor then says that due to the large number of eggs in the omelet, there's a strong possibility that Rigby will die in his sleep. Benson asks if there is anything that they can do, but the doctor informs them that the only thing they can do is wait to see what happens, giving his condolences.

Once he leaves the room, Benson chastises Mordecai, stating that they brought the problems on himself and that it wouldn't have ended like this if he and Rigby had done their work. Enraged by this insensitive remark, Mordecai strikes Benson in the face and precedes to attack him before Muscle Man and Skips attempt to break up the fight. Benson, who surprisingly didn't fight back, persuades him to calm down, as fighting wouldn't solve anything. Still, Mordecai is angry and calls Benson out for his callous disregard on Rigby's coma and making it as their jobs matter more than somebody's life; Benson tries to refute the last part, but Mordecai tells him that he doesn't really have any friends and that everybody only hangs out with him because he's their boss. Mordecai then angrily storms off the hospital room and goes back to the restaurant, which left everyone in bewilderment as he points out the promise he made to Rigby and that he's willing to keep it.

In the restaurant, Mordecai finds out that the hat is not for sale. Despite understanding why and being sympathetic to what happened to Rigby, the waiter refuses and tells him that he can't give him the hat as it's against the restaurant's policy. So in order to win the hat, Mordecai attempts the challenge but fails to finish in time. He begs the waiter for the hat, but to a no avail. Furious, Mordecai smashed the plate against the wall and leaves while the waiter just looks on in sympathy.

Back at the hospital, while Mordecai is apologizing to Rigby, Skips and Benson arrive. Benson apologizes for what he said earlier saying that it was stupid to say something like that, and should not have been taken seriously. However, Mordecai is still unconvinced and angered that he would say such a thing in the first place.

In order to encourage him, Benson tells him there may be a way to win the hat, getting Mordecai's attention. Skips then explains that he knew a man called Johnathan Kimble, who used to work at the park a few years before they were hired. Johnathan, like Rigby, was obsessed with the hat, but every time he tried, he failed but kept trying day after day and night after night. In the meantime, Johnathan kept a journal and kept track of every advantage he could find in the challenge. Eventually, after continuous trial and error, he came up with a way to win the challenge. He tried to explain this to everybody, but they walked away in doubt. His method was to crumble the biscuits and put them in the water and to cut the eggs into four chucks.

Skips said that Johnathan was never seen again after that and because no one went with him to the restaurant due to the fact that he failed so many times, nobody knows what happened to him. When Mordecai asks why they're telling him this, Benson holds up the journal that they got out of his locker and explains that Jonathan seemed to have figured out how to finish the omelet before he disappeared, telling Mordecai that if he's willing to take the risk, he could win the hat for Rigby.

After that, Mordecai trains to do the Eggscellent Challenge. He and the park workers go to the restaurant to try the challenge. Mordecai apologizes to Benson for saying he doesn't have friends and said even though he can be a jerk sometimes, he's still a good friend. At the restaurant, the same waiter serves Mordecai but tells him not to do the challenge. Mordecai refuses, and the waiter is forced to give him the omelet.

The Waiter wishes him good luck. But when Mordecai crushes the biscuits into the glass of water and stirs, the waiter realizes that he learned from Jonathan Kimble. He attempts to stop him, until Benson, Skips, Hi Five Ghost, and Muscle Man protect him. The waiter than calls the rest of the staff and asks them to step aside. When they refuse, they get into a fight.

As Mordecai is eating the omelette, the Park Workers are protecting him from the restaurant staff. When the timer ends, the waiter discovers that he finished under an hour. The waiter, horrified, tells him that he was trying to protect him. Mordecai becomes confused by this and asks the worried waiter.

Suddenly, Mordecai teleports to a mysterious room filled with hats, then the elderly man with knight armor, named Eggscellent Knight appears to him and tells him that Mordecai had entered the final challenge, and asks him to pick the right hat in order to win the challenge. Then he warns not to choose wrong or he will die, just like Johnathan Kimble, who is a skeleton sitting in the corner, who picked up crown, which is the incorrect choice. Mordecai looks at Jonathan Kimble's corpse one last time, before he walks away and sees the collection in deciding which hat to pick. As Mordecai chooses, he remembers Rigby talking about a trucker hat that was in the commercial they saw. Mordecai sees a hat that resembles what Rigby was talking about and puts it on, and he didn't die, much to Mordecai's surprise. The knight then tells him that he chose right, and Mordecai teleports back to the restaurant. Once Mordecai is teleported back to his right place, the knight opens the closet, revealing the whole collection of trucker hats. So he picks up one hat and places it on where Mordecai have chosen it.

Back at the hospital, when Mordecai puts the hat on Rigby, he wakes up from his coma and thanks to him but sees a TV commercial that shows a two person eating challenge based on steak and eggs. When Rigby wants to do it (so long as Mordecai takes care of the eggs), Benson wonders if taking the hat off will make him go back into a coma; Mordecai says there's only one way to find out. The episode ends with everyone walking towards Rigby to take off the hat, much to Rigby's horror.








  • The Eggscellent Knight makes his first appearance in this episode.
  • Rigby is revealed to be allergic to eggs.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" plays during Mordecai's training montage.
  • The second part of the Eggscellent Challenge is based on the Holy Grail scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Production Notes[]

  • In the episode commentary, JG Quintel reveals that this episode was an original sketch for the first season where Rigby lost the Eggscellent challenge by vomiting out its contents. The vomit, in this case, tries to help him in which Rigby realizes that he is just eating more of his contents.
  • JG Quintel based this episode off a similar challenge at a cafe called Broken Yolk in San Diego, California.
  • Several members of the cast (including the creator JG Quintel) consider this to be one of their favorite episodes.


  • When the Eggscellent Waiter sets the timer down, a gold watch (that was never seen before) appears in that shot. It never appears in any of the other shots of the waiter's arm.
  • While Mordecai is attempting the Eggscellent Challenge the second time, there is a part where Muscle Man has a brunette waiter in a headlock while a redheaded waiter runs to Mordecai, but in the next frame, the brunette waiter is the one approaching Mordecai.
  • Rigby is revealed to be allergic to eggs. Despite this, in his "In the House" story in "Terror Tales of the Park" he has no allergic reaction from eating raw eggs. This happens in other episodes as well.
  • Pops is seen leaving the golf cart and entering the restaurant. However, he is not seen fighting any of the staff.