Biographical Information
Occupation: Trainer for "The Chosen One"
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black (younger)

White (currently)

Show Information
Voiced by: Feodor Chin
First appearance: "The Ice Tape"
Latest appearance: "Kill 'Em with Kindness"

Earl is a recurring character of Regular Show who made his debut in the Season Eight episode "The Ice Tape". He has previously trained the previous "Chosen One" to fight against Anti-Pops. In the present, he has become an old man and is training Pops to fight the present Anti-Pops. He is shown to be immortal since he has the tattoo of the each previous Chosen One in his entire body.


Earl is an elderly man with a long white moustache. When he was younger, he had black hair and wore a red belt and black pants. He also has tattoos all over his body for every time Pops and Anti-Pops battle.


Earl is quite strict and impatient, and can get angry easily. He is also shown to have a supportive side, as he tells Pops they will all be there for him.


He has trained all previous incarnations of Pops, and has tattoos all over his body for every time Pops and Anti-Pops fight. From The Key to the Universe" to No Train No Gain, Earl trained and helped Pops get through the fact he had to fight his brother, explaining he had to defeat Anti-Pops or the world would reset itself once again. However in "Kill 'Em with Kindness", after Pops nearly gets killed by Anti-Pops.. The gang come in and save him.. including Earl, but he gets caught by Anti-Pops and gets glitched.

In the final battle between Pops and Anti-Pops as both brothers sacrifice themselves to atone their sins on restoring the universe, Earl is one of Anti-Pops' glitched victims to be revived. However, 25 years after Mr. Maellard passed away in natural disease, Earl's current status remained unknown whether he passed away as well or still lives.


  • Much like Grand Master of Death Kwon Do, he resembles Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol 2 and has bushy eyebrows, and long hair which is kept up in a ponytail, as well as a large beard. He also teaches a protagonist something (in this case Pops).


"The Ice Tape"

"The Key to the Universe"

"No Train No Gain"

"Kill 'Em with Kindness"

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