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Dunwoody Family
Benson's family
Biographical Information
Species: Gumball Machines
Gender: Male (Father) and Female (Mother and Sister)
Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill (father)

Courtenay Taylor (mother and sister)

First appearance: "Think Positive"
Latest appearance: "The Lunch Club"

The Dunwoody Family is the family of Benson, it includes; Benson, his father, mother, and sister. Benson's habit of yelling comes from his antagonistic family; his father told him long ago that he wouldn't get anything in the world unless he yelled for it. 


Benson has a flashback of his family while listening to an anger management cassette tape; they are having spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and all (except Benson) are abusive to each other and arguing with each other back and forth.

When Benson stops their fight and quietly asks for the salt shaker, his father silences the others and announces that his son has something he wants to say. Benson blushes, asking meekly for the salt, but his father bangs on the table and madly and loudly tells him he'll never get anything if he doesn't yell for it. Benson is left with no choice but to yell/argues with his father for the salt shaker, to which his father gladly obliges. Just then, Pops rips off the roof of the house and declares that Benson is fired, to which Benson shouts, "NOOOOOOOO!".

Benson's mother, father and sister get abusive to each other and argue with each other and Benson stops their fight in the Thanksgiving episode.


Benson's family are all gumball machines with slightly different features to their bodies and heads.

His father has a rectangular head, a wider torso and a brown mustache. His mother has a trapezium shaped head and a rounder nose; his sister has a pear-shaped head.


"Think Positive"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

"The Lunch Club"

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