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Dumptown USA is a mysterious paradise where men go when they get dumped. It was featured in the episode, Dumptown USA.

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Dumptown is an island located in the middle of nowhere. The only way to get there is to get dumped and Sad Sax Guy comes to take you to the island.


The island is located by a number of people. Everyone who lives there wears a robe, shorts and is usually seen with long hair. Everyone lives in luxury houses although they are a mess on the inside.


  • Dumptown Deli
  • Table for One Buffet
  • Public pool
  • Battery Hut

Dumptown Inhabitants

  • Benson (when on vacation)
  • Mordecai (formerly)
  • Rigby (formerly)
  • Sad Sax
  • Mordecai's roommates
  • Other civilians


  • The new guy must get the food.
  • You have to get dumped to enter the city.


  • Benson has been there four times.
  • Getting dumped is the only way to get in.
  • It's motto is, "Paradise for the Heartbroken".
  • They own a buffet called the "Table for One Buffet", where one person sits per table.
  • Various activities include, shuffle boarding, water parks, volleyball, beach side relaxing.
  • Everyone who lives there has their own saxophone which they practice every day.