This page is the transcript for "Dumptown USA".

(Episode begins at Pops' house. Rigby and Eileen are playing a video game.)

Rigby: Okay. Whoever makes this jump gets to choose lunch.

Eileen: You're on!

(Rigby, who is Player 1, makes the perfect jump while Eileen fails.)

Rigby: Ohhhhh! We're going to Wing Kingdom!

(Eileen sighs. The two go back to playing as Benson comes into the living room.)

Benson: Rigby, did you clean out the gutters yet?

Rigby: No way. That's a two-man job.

Benson: Well, where's Mordecai?

Rigby: I dunno. I haven't seen him.

Eileen: Come to think of it, I haven't seen him since CJ dumped him at Muscle Man's wedding.

Benson: Yeah, no one has. He hasn't come to work for two weeks now. I tried calling, but he won't pick up.

Rigby: What? No, here. I'll call him.

(Without looking, he grabs his phone from inside the couch and speed dials Mordecai's number. He holds his phone to his ear. A vibration is heard, and Rigby hears it in the couch.)

(He opened Mordecai's phone and saw 300+ missed calls from Benson)

Rigby: Huh, that's not like Mordecai.

Benson: (frustrated)I can't believe this! you don't even know where your best friend is!?

Rigby: Hey, I've been busy. (signs which means hanging out with Eileen)

Benson: Look, I just concerned about the well-being about my employees as any park manager, but I've got a business to run in.(continues speaking)If you don't find Mordecai and bring him back to work by tomorrow, then I'm gonna have to fire him.

Rigby: (shocked) WHAT?! (stands up on the couch) WAIT! I can find him.

Benson: Well for your sake I hope so, otherwise you'll be cleaning the gutters solo from now on.

(Scene cuts to Mordecai and Rigby's bedroom, Rigby digs out a pile of clothes from the whole room until the whole room is filled with dirty clothes to find Mordecai)

Rigby: (digging out socks from the drawer, speaking to himself) Come on Mordecai, give me a clue here.

(His phone rings, he took out his phone and answered the call)

Rigby: Hello?

Eileen: Hey, I checked from Margaret, she hasn't seen or heard from Mordecai.

Rigby: Yeah, his parents don't know where he is either.

Eileen: And I don't think he'll be hanging out with CJ anytime soon. Well, (she takes out a flyer of Mordecai labeled 'Missing" on the top) I'll start putting these flyers around town.Hopefully a hundred should be enough.

Rigby: Well I'll be privileging his personal stuff he doesn't like me touching, see ya.(hangs up)

Benson: Woo Hoo, Audrey who?!?! Yep, good times. So good, that some people don’t ever leave, and I don’t blame them.

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