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Dr. Henry
Dr Henry
Biographical Information
Home: Lolliland
Occupation: Doctor
Species: Humanoid Lollipop
Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray
Show Information
Voiced by: Armin Shimerman
First appearance: "Cool Cubed"
Latest appearance: "Dumped at the Altar"

Dr. Henry is a character that was introduced in "Cool Cubed".  He is a doctor and a lollipop man, just like Pops. In the episode, he comes to help Thomas thaw out his brain after he chugged a Cool Cubed slushy. He later made an appearance in the episode "Catching the Wave" in order to inform Pops that he did not have the proper build for surfing. In "The End of Muscle Man", Dr. Henry helps check Muscle Man's vitals to ensure he'd be able to live long enough to be with Starla for a long time.


Dr. Henry has a round-like head that is similar to Pops's, but it is slightly squashed.  He is balding on top, and has white hair and a white goatee.  He wears glasses.  He has on a white lab coat, a blue tie, a caramel-colored vest, and brown pants.  He wears black shoes, and he carries a stethoscope.

Episode Appearances


  • It is revealed by Skips that Dr. Henry has been serving Pops' family for generations.
  • He has lots of materials in his bag, ranging from a shrinking room to a complete arsenal of brain-thawing materials, like dynamite and flamethrowers.
  • He owns a flying car just like Pops does.


Season Four

"Cool Cubed"

Season Five

"Catching the Wave"

Season Six

"The End of Muscle Man"

"Dumped at the Altar"

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