Billy: Hello? Anyone there?

(Movie shows an abandoned donut factory in a dark and stormy night)

Maria: I don't like it Billy, I was excited when you won those all-access passes to this donut factory. But now that we're here, seems to be completely abandoned.

Billy: Shh, you're right, something fishy. There's not a donut in this place.

Maria: Uhh, if there no donuts, why do I smell...frosting?

(A man in a donut suit appeared behind them)

M&B: Aaahh!

(The donut slices the screen and it shows the title of the movie, Donut Factory Holiday; The scene shows Mordercai, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost and Rigby all cheering together)

Mordecai: Donut Factory Holidaaaay!

Rigby: Best worst movie evaaar!

(Benson comes to the scene)

Benson: (sigh) Again? Why do you guys make such a big deal about this movie? You've seen it a thousand times, it's terrible!

Mordecai: Dude, we know, that's why it's funny.

Rigby: Yeah! It's kinda like that solo album you recorded last year if people have liked it.

Benson: And Benson For All was criminally misunderstood!

(Benson leaves the scene; Back to the movie, scene shows that Maria and Billy are now in a sewer)

Maria: Billy, are you sure this sewer is the only way out?

Billy: If you can't think of a better way of to escape an evil donut, I like to hear it. Wait! Look out! Sewer gator.

(Shows a bird landing on the crocodile's open mouth; the scene zooms to Mordecai)

Mordecai: Pfffft!

(Returns to the movie, a man in a alligator suit walking upright walks towards Maria)

Maria: Aahh...Ahhh...ahh..ahh..ahh..ahh.

Man in Alligator Suit: Oh no? He arrhhhgg

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