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(Episode starts with horror music and wolf howls on the TV)

Billy: Hello? Anyone there?

(Movie shows an abandoned donut factory in a dark and stormy night)

Maria: I don't like it Billy, I was excited when you won those all-access passes to this donut factory. But now that we're here, seems to be completely abandoned.

Billy: Shh, you're right, something fishy. There's not a donut in this place.

Maria: Uhh, if there no donuts, why do I smell...frosting?

(A man in a donut suit appeared behind them)

M&B: Aaahh!

(The donut slices the screen and it shows the title of the movie, Donut Factory Holiday; The scene shows Mordercai, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost and Rigby all cheering together)

Mordecai: Donut Factory Holiday!

Rigby: Best worst movie ever!

(Benson comes to the scene)

Benson: (sigh) Again? Why do you guys make such a big deal about this movie? You've seen it a thousand times, it's terrible!

Mordecai: Dude, we know, that's why it's funny.

Rigby: Yeah! It's kind of like that solo album you recorded last year if people have liked it.

Benson: And Benson For All was criminally misunderstood!

(Benson leaves the scene; Back to the movie, scene shows that Maria and Billy are now in a sewer)

Maria: Billy, are you sure this sewer is the only way out?

Billy: If you can't think of a better way of to escape an evil donut, I like to hear it. Wait! Look out! Sewer gator.

(Shows a bird landing on the crocodile's open mouth; the scene zooms to Mordecai)

Mordecai: Pfffft!

(Returns to the movie, a man in a alligator suit walking upright walks towards Maria)

Maria: Aahh.. .Ahhh... ahh... ahh... ahh... ahh.

Man in Alligator Suit: Oh now? He arrhhhgg!

(We see donuts being thrown at the TV whilst Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost are laughing, and then see Muscle Man eat a Donut)

Police Officer: Mr. President, Sir. Prototype 58 has escaped.

President: Great Scott. This is what we get for playing... uh... line?

(The screen then shows a Donut in the city with his hands up whilst we hear automatic gunfire. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost laugh.)

Rigby: Why does he get huge for that one scene?

(The screen then shows a man whistling and putting a bin down by the curb).

Rigby: Shh! Here comes the best part!

All: Reduce! Reuse! Re-est in Peace!

(The Donut grabs a bazooka)

Man: What? No!

(The Donut then shoots a rocket at the man. We then see it moving slowly as it is being held by a piece of black string. As soon as it touches the man, he explodes, along with the rocket)

Rigby: I don't know how but it keeps getting better every time!

High-Five Ghost: I read somewhere that the guy in the Donut Suit is the director because he runs out of money to pay the actors.

Muscle Man: I heard the crocodiles in the swamp scene were four iguanas taped together.

Rigby: Wasn't that just a guy in a suit?

Muscle Man: Uh, your thinking of the alligator scene. You got to brush on your taxonomy, bro.

Mordecai: Well, we find out for sure next time we rent it. We should get back to the store though. There's probably people waiting for it.

Rigby: Ugh! That stupid waiting list. I miss when we were the only people who knew about this.

High-Five Ghost: It's due back at the video store by five o'clock. That gives us half-an-hour.

Rigby: Plenty of time. All we got to do is eject this puppy, hop in the cart, cruise over to the... I said eject this puppy. (We see Rigby press the eject button and then turns his head around). Guys, the tape is stuck.

Mordecai: No, it isn't. Let me get it out. (Opens tape inserter and tries to pull out the tape). Yeah, it's stuck.

Muscle Man: Bros, I can't afford a late fee.

Mordecai: Okay, okay. We've got this. All we've gotta do is find someway to pull out that tape and as long as we do within the next... (points a High-Five Ghost to check the time).

High-Five Ghost: 28-minutes.

Mordecai: We can return it to the store and bam! no late fee.

Rigby: Sounds good.

Muscle Man: Let's do that.

(The scene cuts to the kitchen, where Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are waiting for Skips to arrive. Skips later arrives)

Skips: I've got my tools. What's the emergency?

Mordecai: Donut Factory Holiday is stuck in the VCR.

(Skips walks away)

Rigby: Now what?

Mordecai: Let me try something (shakes and knocks the VCR three times and looks into it to see if the movie has come out). It's never gonna come out.

HFG: I can try my families technique. (Floats to the tape) You're great. Mordecai's right! The tape's a goner!

Muscle Man: I've got this (shakes the VCR) WHOO! WHOO-OO-OO!

Rigby: (snatches the tape from Muscle Man's hands) STOP! You'll break the tape! The video is impossible to replace!

Muscle Man: No one has ever complained about my techniques before.

Rigby: Guys, guys, calm down. I'll just reach in and get it out. Just like how I prizes out of the cereal box. (Puts his hand in the VCR) He-he. My arm's not coming out. MY ARM'S NOT COMING OUT!

Muscle Man: I've got this. (Grabs the VCR and throws it, along with Rigby, onto the kitchen floor). We've gotta do something bros.

(Scene cuts to the VHS (Very Happy Service) store, where the phone is ringing)

VHS Employee: V.H.S. The home of Very Happy Service, how may I help you?

Mordecai: Oh, hi. Is there is a grace period for returning Donut Factory Holiday late due to... (looks at Rigby) unavoidable VCR mishaps.

VHS Employee: You need to have the tape on time or you'll have to pay the fee.

Mordecai: Which is?...

VHS Employee: Same as the budget of the movie. Two. Hundred. Dollars.

Mordecai: What?! Nobody can afford that. (Covers the phone with his hand) Guys, the fine is like two-hundred bucks.

VHS Employee: Also, there are some people waiting for it, but they don't really care.

Donut Fan #1: Donuts are forever.

VHS Employee: You have seventeen minutes to get it back here. (hangs up phone)

Mordecai: We need to get that tape out now. (Rigby groans, lying on the floor with the VHS player stuck in his hand) We should also get some serious help.

(The scene cuts to the Coffee Shop, where Eileen is watering a plant named Tumurra)

Eileen: Ooh, you're getting big there, Tumurra.

Muscle Man: EILEEN!

Eileen: Guys? What's going on?

Muscle Man: Rigby needs you help. No time to explain!

Eileen: What?! Is he hurt or what happ- Oh. Steffan!

Steffan: Yes, Ma'am!

Eileen: Warm up a tub of butter from the pantry stat!

Steffan: On it!

Eileen: Lay him down on the table.

(Muscle Man and Mordecai put Rigby down on the nearest table, whilst Rigby is groaning)

Eileen: Hey, buddy. How are you holding up?

Rigby: (weakly coughs) Eileen. It's pretty much over for me. I'm so glad I got to see you... before... the end.

Eileen: Rigby, you know you're not

Rigby: I'm gonna miss your face. Your glasses, you little side pony. From now on, I'll be known as "Old Man VHS Hand".

Eileen: That's creepy.

Steffan: Here's your butter, ma'am.

Eileen: Don't worry Rigby. We're gonna get you out of here.

(Eileen pours the butter into the VHS.)

Eileen: Well? Can you get it out?

Rigby: No. Now it's stuck and it's making me feel weird.

Muscle Man: There's no time, bro. We're out of options. We have to go nuclear.

Rigby: (Whimpers) Eileen?

Eileen: I don't know. It could work.

(Muscle Man grabs a hammer and then uses his arms to grasps it and smash the VCR. Rigby screams as soon as he goes near the VCR Suddenly, Mordecai grabs the hammer in order to stop Muscle Man from smashing the VCR.)

Rigby: Wait? Huh?

Mordecai: Don't smash it. I didn't wanna have the resort to this... but... we have to go the VCR Repair Shop.

Rigby: Woah, dude. You don't have to do it for me. It might be easier just to break my arm.

Mordecai: Let's just do it. Maybe he won't be creepy this time.

(Muscle Man and Mordecai pick up Rigby and run out towards the door whilst he is groaning.)

Eileen: Have you just tried letting go of the tape or - ? (M, R, Muscle Man and HFG run out the door) Men. Am I right, Tumurra?

(The scene cuts to the VCR Repair Shop. The duo, along with Muscle Man and HFG, walk into the store)

Mordecai: Lazy Dave?

Lazy Dave: Mordecai? Did your mom come with you?

Mordecai: No, just me and my buddies.

Lazy Dave: Ah, dang. Still? Did you know Mordecai's mom and I used to date. Until that fateful night, when the rain started to fall and... (stares at the VCR) Uh oh. A Rewind King X2. This thing is unbreakable.

Mordecai: Can you just try to get it out?

Lazy Dave: Only if you put in a good word with your mom for me.

Mordecai: No.

Lazy Dave: Fine. We'll start off by popping the face off he VCR (Dave grabs a screwdriver to remove the case, but during the process, the screwdriver snaps in two) You sure your mom's still married.

(Mordecai groans)

Muscle Man: Wait! We don't have to get the tape out. I know how we can get the store on a technicality.

(Scene cuts to the VCR Repair shop)

Muscle Man: Here you go. One tape as agreed upon. And I believe nowhere in the contract does it state that the tape has to be watchable.

VHS Employee: It's the first line! (Shows the contract, where it says "I must return the tape in a watchable condition", along with some signatures made by Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost) And you can't return a tape stuck in a VCR. It also have a dude's arm in it!

Donut Fan #1: Actually, I've been waiting for so long, I don't mind if there is an arm stuck to it.

VHS Employee: The customer gets what the customer wants. Wait here until I get the arm removal shears. (Looks for the Arm Removal Shears) Where did the shears go?

Mordecai: Let's get out of here.

(The group back away quickly from the counter whilst the VHS employee finds the shears.)

VHS Employee: Here they are. Wait. We've got runners!

(We cut to a scene showing a sign for a person named Tape Hunter. Coming out of hiding hole, Tape Hunter stands there with his hands by his shoulders)

Tape Hunter: The customer is always responsible for all lost and damaged tapes.

(Tape Hunter gets onto a bike called "My Friend, the Motorbike"

Donut Fan #2: Yay! Tape Hunter.

(Scene cuts to the outside of the VHS Store)

Rigby: We're never going back to that store.

(The front of the store is blown up by Tape Hunter's grenade)

Tape Hunter: I'm coming for that tape. (grabs a gun)

Muscle Man: Step on it, bros! (Mordecai drives the car at a super fast speed, along with Tape Hunter on his motorbike)

Rigby: The video store has it's own bounty hunter?

(We zoom in to the Bounty Hunter driving his motorbike. He eventually drives over to the left-hand side of the golf cart)

Tape Hunter: Give me the tape and no one gets hurt!

Rigby: Dude, we want to give you the tape!

(The Bounty Hunter grabs his gun and tries to shoot the side of the golf cart. Mordecai swerves the golf cart to another part of the road. Mordecai and Tape Hunter find themselves on different sides of the road.)

Mordecai: What now?

Rigby: Step on it!

(Mordecai drives the cart, along with Tape Hunter on his motorbike)

Mordecai: What's the plan, Rigby?

Rigby: Stay on target!

(The bounty hunter uses his gun to shoot the group in the cart. Rigby stands up and prevents that from happening by using the VCR as a shield. The laser eventually hits the front wheel of the motorbike.)

Tape Hunter: Argh! A Rewind King X2?! Try blocking this!

(Tape Hunter throws a grenade, which turns out to be a dumb idea as Rigby uses the VCR once again as a shield. The grenade hits the motorbike, exploding, leaving Tape Hunter fly in the air and fall into a garbage bin.)

Rigby: Reduce, reuse, re-

Muscle Man: TREE!!!

(Everyone in the golf cart screams as they hit the tree. The VCR comes flying out of Rigby's hand and smashes into a nearby wall)

Mordecai: There's no way the tape survived that. Maybe we can pay for the tape on a plan fee.

Rigby: Argh! I knew I should've never put my hand in the VCR! (Hits himself with the tape, which he doesn't notice) Stupid! Stupid!

Muscle Man: Bro, the tape!

Rigby: (laughs and then kisses the tape) Mmm... Buttery.

(The scene cuts to the V.H.S. store)

VHS Employee: Well, you win some and you lose some. You did blow up our staff bounty hunter, but you did return Donut Factory Holiday on time. Let's call it square. Normally, I would have to pay you a tape washing fee because... the thing's... covered in butter but those guys don't mind so whatever.

Donut Fan #1: We're even happier this way. Actually, we are huge butter fans.

(Donut Fan #3 pulls his shirt up showing us a layer with an image of butter.

Mordecai: Well, I'm ready to go.

Rigby: WAIT!

(We see a tape for the movie Donut Factory Holiday: Spring Break)

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost: Movie night!

(The scene cuts to the house)

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost: DFH! DHF! DFH DFH! DF- (Rigby walks up to the TV to play the movie, but doesn't notice that there is no VCR. When Rigby thinks he puts it in the VCR, the tape falls onto the table)

Rigby: Oh, yeah. We smashed the VCR.

(End of Donut Factory Holiday)