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This article is about the episode. For the movie, see "Donut Factory Holiday (Movie)".

"Donut Factory Holiday" is the twentieth episode of Season Seven of Regular Show (and two hundred and first episode overall). It aired on TV on Saturday March 12, 2016.


The guys have to return their favorite terrible movie to the VHS rental store, while also dealing with a problem with Rigby's arm being stuck in the VCR player.


The episode starts off with the guys watching a movie called "Donut Factory Holiday" which they consider the "best worst movie ever". Benson comes in, exasperated, asking them why would they want to watch such a terrible movie over and over again, to which they reply "it's the best worst movie, that's what makes it funny". The movie does appear to be of very poor quality and a low budget. Once the movie is over, Fives reminds them that they have only half hour left to return the tape, and Rigby thinks that's plenty of time, however discovers that the tape is stuck. After many futile attempts, and Skips refusing to help, Rigby decided to put his hand inside and pull the tape out, only to discover that his hand is now stuck in the VCR, too. Muscle Man throws him across the room in an attempt to free the tape, only to injure Rigby.

They take him to the coffee shop where Eileen attempts to free him with butter. It doesn't work. Muscle Man prepares to "go nuclear" but Mordecai says it would be better to go to the VCR repair shop. The guy working there, Lazy Dave, keeps irritating Mordecai, asking about his mom, to which he says she's "incredibly married". Dave attempts to pop the front face of the VCR, but the screwdriver breaks. Muscle Man says he found a loophole in the contract, and that they must all trust him on this one.

They go to the VCR shop, where Muscle Man believes there is no mention of the tape being returned in watchable condition, but however the clerk angrily retorts by saying it's the first line of the contract, and shows the contract which contains only one line - "I will return the tape in watchable condition". He reaches for his arm removal shears, but by then the guys take off. The clerk calls the shop's tape retrieval bounty hunter. The bounty hunter chases them, and in his attempts to retrieve the tape by shooting the VCR, realizes it's of special quality, and then throws a grenade, which Rigby deflects with the VCR. The hunter is thrown off the bike into a garbage bin, which is lifted into a dumptruck. The gang, unaware of their path, crash into a tree and the VCR detaches from Rigby's arm and hits the wall crumbling instantly. Mordecai laments saying there is no way the tape would've survived that, but Muscle Man finds that the tape is still in Rigby's hand.

They rent a cab to the store and return the tape, after which Rigby finds DFH 2, which they decide to rent. However, once Rigby tries to pop the tape into the VCR, he realizes they destroyed it.


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  • The episode was first set to air on Friday December 4, 2015, but was pulled.
  • Lazy Dave, the guy at the VCR repair shop, reveals that he used to date Mordecai's mom.
  • Benson wrote an album single last year which didn't do well.

Pop Culture References[]

  • During the showdown with VHS Hunter, Rigby shouts "Stay on target!", which is a direct reference to Y-Wing pilot Davish Krail's infamous order during the Death Star run in Star Wars: A New Hope.
  • Benson's apparently misunderstood album, "...And Benson For All", is a possible reference to Metallica's "...And Justice For All"
  • "Reduce, reuse, re-est in peace" is a possible reference to the viral clip "Garbage Day" from Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2.
  • Throwing donuts at the screen may be a parallel to the famous "bad movie", The Room, in which audience members throw spoons at the screen.
  • Donut Factory Holiday is a parody to low-budget and amateur direct-to-video films such as Woodchipper Massacre and Black Devil Doll from Hell.

Production Notes[]

  • It was first made available on The Cartoon Network app on Saturday February 6, 2016.


You can see the episode's errors here

  • During the scene where Rigby says his one-liner, his right hand which was stuck in the VCR was shown to be out of it.
  • Fives says the time is 4:30 but the VCR says it's 12:00 (though this could be a reference to the fact that VCR's are rarely ever programmed with the proper time).