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"Dodge This" is the fifteenth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty first episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 13, 2014.


The gang wants to win a dodge ball tournament, but Mordecai is distracted by CJ and they both are in a standoff.


The episode opens in Wing Kingdom as the park staff are celebrating a promising dodgeball practice, where Benson received a concussion. The park staff are all in awe of Mordecai's impressive dodgeball ability, capped off by his signature move, the "Tornado", whilst Benson may have had a wing too many, incessantly stating that it's the Benson's Ballerz' time to win for the first time in ten years.

The scene changes to the dodgeball arena, where all the teams are warming up. Rigby is showing off to Mordecai a "Rignado", which knocks out the referee and results in Benson forbidding him from using this technique. A stray ball rolls past Mordecai, so he goes to pass the ball back, but the player who threw it turns out to be CJ. CJ freezes upon seeing Mordecai and the ball hits her chest without her thinking. This leaves both feeling uncomfortable and Mordecai runs out to the hallway. Rigby tries to comfort him, but Mordecai says he can't play against CJ.

Benson's Ballerz immediately face off against rival team East Pines, whom they easily defeat; Benson knocks out rival Gene. A montage begins as the Thunder Girls (CJ's team), aided by CJ's signature softball technique throw, beat their opponents, which include the coffee bean and his translator from Caffeinated Concert Tickets. The Guardians of Youth and the Magical Elements are also one of the other teams, and beat their opposition whilst Benson's Ballerz win their games which include beating Sensei's Death Kwon Do team. Benson's Ballerz face off against the Magical Elements in the semi final matchup. Pops, Thomas, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are immediately beaten, but Skips manages to catch three of the Eternal Guardians of Youth's balls. He and Benson knock out the basketball god and the wizard, while Mordecai beats Death and another Guardian of Youth, leaving only 1 Guardian and Gary remaining. However, Mordecai freezes up as CJ's talking distracts him and he's knocked out. Incensed by this, Benson defeats Gary, but he and Skips are knocked out by the remaining Guardian. The result is now a one-on-one battle between Rigby and a Guardian of Youth, leaving Benson distressed. Despite the odds, Rigby defeats the Guardian using his aforementioned "Rignado". As everyone is congratulating Rigby, Benson questions Mordecai on his defeat, and Rigby taunts that CJ was the one who got Mordecai knocked out. Mordecai feels awkward for going up against CJ's team but Benson insists to him that losing is not an option.

The final begins between Benson's Ballerz and the Thunder Girls. Each member swiftly knocks out one another, leaving only Mordecai and CJ left, but they're at a stalemate. As a last resort, they both use their signature moves simultaneously, but the balls hit each other and ricochet back to Mordecai and CJ, causing them both to disappear in midair. They are then teleported to the Intergalactic Dodgeball Council who believe they've reached an infinite standoff because they're avoiding their history together. CJ and Mordecai dismiss this but flashbacks of their past proves them wrong. Mordecai reveals he's worried as every encounter he's had with CJ results in him messing up, and that he understands why CJ is mad at him, But CJ reveals she's not mad at him, as she was just embarrassed and thought he was mad at her, leaving both feeling slightly dumb about the situation. With the misunderstanding cleared up, they decide to start over and be friends, agree that the New Year's kiss meant nothing, and they are sent back to resume the game.

As they return, Mordecai and CJ are still at a stalemate as to who should let whom win. Finally, he lets her throw a dodgeball right into his face. Benson is devastated; eleven years losing in a row. "It was the Ballerz' year!" he bawls, "THE BALLERZ' YEAR!" Mordecai and CJ congratulate each other on a good game, but CJ playfully boasts about winning to which they both laugh as friends. Benson, meanwhile, is kneeling on the ground, sobbing over his defeat. Skips comes in and reassures him "Don't worry, there's always next year." "I need a wing real bad", replies Benson.


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  • The God of Basketball is revealed to be part of the Magical Elements.
    • This is also his final appearance in the show.

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Production Notes[]

  • This is the first Regular Show episode to air in 2014.


  • When Benson yells out "Ugh! We're dropping like flies!" during the match between the Ballerz and Thunder Girls, Rigby is missing from the team.