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"Do or Diaper" is the fifteenth episode in Season 4 (and ninety-fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 11, 2013.


Muscle Man bets Mordecai that if he doesn't kiss Margaret by Friday at midnight, he will have to wear a diaper for a week.


After coming home from a large feast of pizza, Rigby, Starla, and Muscle Man walk through the door, while Mordecai and Margaret are still outside. The group then watch out the nearby window as Mordecai and Margaret awkwardly attempt a kiss but end up just hugging, while the others groan in disgust. Moredcai comes in and questions their awkward stares. They respond by insulting him that he will never ask Margaret out. Muscle Man then makes a bet - if Mordecai can kiss Margaret by midnight Friday, Muscle Man will wear a diaper for a week. However, if Mordecai fails, he has to wear the diaper for the week. Mordecai says it's the dumbest thing he's ever heard, but he agrees to do it.

Mordecai and Rigby go to the coffee shop, where Mordecai asks to hang out. Margaret has classes that day, so they agree on Friday. Then, a montage that displays the events of the week happens, with Mordecai doing various things through the week, like push-ups, jogging, getting a haircut, reading women's magazines, looking at "Confidence" magazines and getting fitted for a tuxedo. Friday comes, and Mordecai goes to Margaret's while Muscle Man and Rigby appear from the bushes of the Park house to say there's no chance. Meanwhile, Mordecai and Margaret go to the movies. Mordecai was going for a romantic movie to get the best situation for kissing but Margaret wants to watch a comedy, "Buck Tooth Bob Goes to Europe". Mordecai reluctantly agrees with Margaret on watching "Buck Tooth Bob Goes to Europe".

While Margaret isn't looking, Mordecai eats an entire box of mints, clearly not amused with the movie. When they are about to leave, Margaret thanks Mordecai. The couple then realize all the other couples are smooching, giving them a sense of irony. Mordecai realizes that he still hasn't kissed her and it's 11:25 (35 minutes until the bet is lost), and after much begging, they agree to go to the lake and sit. With 6 minutes left, Rigby and Muscle Man appear from the car to remind him. Mordecai nervously eats an entire box of mints, along with a pack of mint strips, and a bottle of mint mouth spray while Margaret questions if he is getting out of the car. It shows a view from his mouth and as he wolfs down a bunch of mouth re-fresheners. Then, because of the tremendous amount of mints, his breath engulfs the entire area in frost. Muscle Man and Rigby get caught by Margaret, and she finds out about the bet.

Mordecai explains the bet, and Margaret leaves in disgust. Mordecai follows, and gets various things told off by Margaret. Ice begins to crawl up Mordecai, giving him little time to explain the reason behind the bet. When Margaret asks what time it is, Mordecai is able to free one hand and say, "11:59". Mordecai just says there is no use. Margaret approaches him and holds him. The frost around him begins to melt. When Mordecai puckers up to kiss, Margaret bypasses his mouth and goes to his ear to whisper, "Have a nice week, diaper boy."

Later on the next day, he is seen wearing a diaper while mowing the lawn. Mordecai is smiling. When an annoyed Muscle Man, Starla, and Rigby question his smiling, he replies, "She enjoyed it, which means I still have a chance with her." 





  • This is the second Regular Show episode to air during Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards, the first being "Brain Eraser."

Production Notes

  • It aired at a special time of 6:45/5:45 instead of its normal time of 8/7c, due to the Hall of Game Awards ceremony.


  • It's so cold that Mordecai begins to freeze but neither Muscle man, Rigby nor Margaret freeze or feel cold.