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"Do Me a Solid" is the eighteenth episode in Season Two (and thirtieth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 2, 2011.


Rigby uses his "solids" to ruin Mordecai's date with Margaret.


Mordecai and Rigby decide to play a game of "Solids" (a game of which one must do a favor for the other). They do each other solids such as getting a glass of lemonade, changing the channel, fold a pair of socks, drying their hands, and heavily cheesing nachos. Skips warns them not to abuse the power of the solid, because bad things will happen.

Eventually, they head to the Coffee Shop, where Eileen (nervously) asks Rigby if he would be interested in miniature golf with her and Margaret. Mordecai finally sees this opportunity to have a date with Margaret, but the catch being that Margaret will only agree if Rigby will go with Eileen; in the end, Mordecai and Rigby go on a double date after Mordecai asks him to do him a solid for going out with Eileen, with the consequence of Mordecai owing Rigby 10 solids.

On the double date, the four go miniature golfing, and see a movie, where Rigby uses his solids to ruin Mordecai's chances with Margaret. The group eventually heads back to the house, and settle on having ice cream sandwiches before the night ends. Rigby uses his 9th solid to get Mordecai to buy the ice cream after noticing they have run out of the ice cream sandwiches.

Mordecai arrives back with the snacks, and immediately sees that Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost were invited over, much to his dismay. Left with his last solid, Rigby calls Mordecai to the kitchen and whispers this particular task to him. Mordecai rejects this solid instantly because of its presumably embarrassing nature, and decides to not do this solid, ignoring Rigby's advise that he "must" do the solid. Upon declining this request of Rigby, the ground begins to rumble and the tremors increasingly become more violent.

Mordecai tries to spend some time with Margaret, but he's stopped when the house begins to collapse into the ground. The staircase gets ripped in half, the couch falls into a hole, with Muscle Man jumping off and grabbing onto the floor, and Eileen holds on tight to tilted rock. As Rigby continues to demand Mordecai to do his solid, Benson, Pops and Skips arrive and discover that Rigby's 10th solid tells Mordecai to do his solid, but Mordecai simply refuses. Margaret then begs Mordecai to do his solid since she and Eileen do each other solids all the time, also revealing that she came on the double-date because she was only doing Eileen a solid in the process. This only disappoints Mordecai, and the house collapses even further. Rigby tells his friend they are going to die if he doesn't do the solid.

Mordecai reluctantly agrees, and does his solid (off-screen), which ends up shocking the entire group. The next day, things have returned to normal and Rigby is showing off a video of Mordecai's solid to Muscle Man, HFG, and Pops, having recorded him while it was happening. This humiliating video only angers Mordecai to the point that he disowns Rigby as his friend.

Upset, Rigby stops Mordecai, saying that he (Rigby) owes him a solid, apparently a solid that involves destroying the tape of Mordecai. Rigby willingly snaps the tape in half, to which Mordecai asks Rigby to do him a solid and head to the arcade with him.






Pop Culture References[]

  • The commercial Mordecai and Rigby watch that they find disgusting is a reference to the real life gym product, the Shake Weight.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.042 million views worldwide.


  • In the scene where Eileen brings Mordecai and Rigby their drinks and asks the two if they want to do a group hangout, she ends the conversation by saying she would get them refills, despite neither of the two even touching their drinks.
  • When Pops and Skips see Mordecai and Rigby, Skips' eyes are white colored. However they change back to yellow in the next scene.
  • Near the end of the episode, right before Rigby destroys the tape, the time on the VCR's clock behind Rigby switches back and fourth from 4:20 PM and 9:25 PM.
    • When Rigby reaches towards the VCR to retrieve the tape his arm can be seen clipping through the VCR's timer layer.