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Season 2, Episode 5
Production code: 205
Premiere date: January 24, 2011 (USA)

May 2, 2011 (UK)

Directed by: Mike Roth
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Dizzy" is the fifth episode in Season 2 (and seventeenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 24, 2011.


Pops must prepare for a major speech at the park in which his father will be present, or Benson will be fired from his position as park manager.


Benson and Skips are in the office of Pops' father. The man keeps mistaking Benson's name for Bean-bag or something else, while he's telling him what's going on. Apparently, it seems that Pops has been designated to do a speech sponsoring a statue being put up in the park, and Benson and Skips must find Pops so he can do the speech that day, or Benson and all the other workers will be fired.

Meanwhile, Pops is in the park playground worried about doing the speech. Mordecai and Rigby see him and decide to help Pops out. They try 4 different methods, 3 of which fail: the first method is speaking in front of no one and pretending a flyer with a band on it is his audience; the second is that Mordecai and Rigby take him to talk at real people in several different locations, none of which work; the third is Mordecai suggesting to Pops that he imagines them naked (which doesn't work because Pops doesn't enjoy it, even though Mordecai and Rigby aren't wearing clothes); the fourth is Rigby suggesting Pops spin around until he gets dizzy. When Pops starts spinning, he thinks it's working, and therefore does not feel nervous, which he openly admits; but, soon he starts getting dizzy and spins uncontrollably until he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Skips and Benson can't find Pops until they catch Muscle Man mowing the lawn with his shirt off and ask him if he seen Pops. He said that he had seen him with Mordecai and Rigby. Mordecai and Rigby are then worried about Pops, so Mordecai voluntarily tries to seek out others for help, making the mistake of leaving Rigby to desecrate Pops' face with a marker pen...

Inside Pops's mind, he sees strange creatures wearing top hats that British accents, including a realistic-looking blue jay and raccoon that say that their names are Iacedrom and Ygbir (which are actually Mordecai and Rigby's names backwards, respectively). They also offer him some ice-cream to eat. 

Iacedrom and Ygbir both ask him what he is doing there and Pops explains that he came there because he didn't want to give a speech to others. Iacedrom tells Pops that it's against the law to give speeches anyway, much to the delight of Pops, and Ygbir said that it is also against the law not to enjoy ice-cream.

Back at the park, Mordecai gets Benson and Skips while Rigby is drawing on Pops face. Upon seeing Pops unconscious, Skips says that the only way to get Pops back is to go back inside of Pops's mind... Mordecai and Rigby then grab each other's hands and they start to spin and get really dizzy. As they both fall onto Pops, Skips put a rope on them before they went inside Pops's mind. They see Pops and Mordecai and Rigby tell Pops to come back but he refuses- and then Pops accidentally gives a speech about him wanting to stay here. Mordecai tells him he accidentally succeeded in giving them a speech. Just then Pops realizes he did give a speech and they also found that if Pops doesn't face the crowd, he can give a speech without becoming nervous.

Pops told Mordecai and Rigby that he had to go back to his world and Iacedrom said that he does have to go because he gave a speech and it is against the law. Iacedrom is about to eat Pops whole, but he jumps onto Mordecai and Rigby as Mordecai tells Skips to pull up on the rope. They escape just before Iacedrom can eat them both. Back in the real world, Benson said that it's time for the speech. The only problem is that Pops can't face the crowd. Mordecai decides to draw a fake-face on the back of Pops' head, much to Benson's dismay. Mordecai turns Pops around and draws a semi-accurate picture of Pops face on the back of his head and Benson says that they are dead.

At the ceremony. Pops gives his speech, but it was a very short one ("I now dedicate this new statue to the park"), and the rest of the group is surprised that Pops was so nervous about barely saying a few words. Pops then cuts the ribbon in front of the statue (with a bit of difficulty since he's standing backwards); then, Pops' father congratulates Pops and Benson, but he leaves while Benson is still talking to him. Benson then takes Pops to get rid of the marker marks on his face. Mordecai and Rigby think the party is lame and decide to go back into the 'Dizzy World' instead.


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