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Dig Champs is a video game that Mordecai and Rigby began to play in "Death Punchies". The game is an 8-bit side-scroller that stars two workers that dig. The first level is a grassland, and giant snails are enemies that hurt you. Player 1 gets a shovel while Player 2 gets a pickaxe (Which both Mordecai and Rigby agree is "sucky"). The system that they are playing it on resembles a Sega Master System, as well as the cartridge and the controller. Mordecai and Rigby also agree that the game screen looks "just like the cover," when clearly it does not. Before the two play, Rigby suggests stretching out, but Mordecai starts the game, anyway.


  • The game probably is a parody of the popular classic game, Dig Dug. In action, however, the game itself (and the deadly snails) seem to parody Wonder Boy. The fact that the two players use a shovel & a pickaxe is a possible reference to Minecraft.
  • In reality, a pickaxe is more suited for breaking rocks up rather than digging, while a shovel does the exact opposite. Whether Mordecai and Rigby's decisions are based on this fact or if the game mimics real life is unknown.
  • Mordecai tells Rigby to pick his player, but Mordecai does it for him instead.
  • The game is mentioned in Expert or Liar.