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Diane is a cavewoman who appeared in the episode "Caveman".


Diane is the name given to one of the cavepeople that Rigby and Mordecai uncover after they accidentally defrost another caveman named Gregg. They attempt to civilize Gregg so he can stay at the park. Gregg then decided that he wanted to de-frost his long-lost love, Diane, as well. After being unfrozen, Gregg took Diane back to the park house so that they could 'catch up', but Diane becomes upset when she realizes that Gregg isn't the same anymore. In a fury, she busts through the wall and runs to the other frozen cavemen and unfroze them. Gregg is left confused about who is really is.

Diane and the other cavemen begin to wreck the park before Mordecai and Rigby lure them into the Meat Locker. Despite pleas from Mordecai and Rigby, Gregg decides to stay with her; they kiss before becoming encased in ice once again.


Diane wears a brown cloth top that is cropped to show her stomach and skirt and has light brown hair. She also has the stereotypical "caveman" appearance of a large forehead.



"One Space Day at a Time"