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Del Hanlon
Del Hanlon
Biographical Information
Occupation: Weekend Sports TV Anchor
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Show Information
Voiced by: Rich Sommer
First appearance: "1000th Chopper Flight Party"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle (cameo)"

Del Hanlon is a minor character in Regular Show. He was Margaret's fake boyfriend and Chopper 6 Weekend Sports TV Anchor. He first appeared in 1000th Chopper Flight Party


  • Mr. Smith didn't know he was Margaret's boyfriend until she mentioned it to calm CJ down.
  • He is very passionate about acting.

Cultural References

  • Hanlon's name and characterization are presumably based on real-world TV sports anchor Dale Hansen.

​Episode Appearances

Season 6

​Season 7

Season 8


"1000th Chopper Flight Party"

"Not Great Double Date"

"Local News Legend"

"Lame Lockdown"

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