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The book being held by the Sensai.

Death Kwon Do is a martial arts style from an eighty paged notebook that the Sensai owns. It is normally learned through training, and the Sensai has dedicated a school to teaching it, so it's presumed that its techniques are usable without any help. However, one needs merely to possess a mullet, cut-up jean shorts, and a technique's page from the Death Kwon Do book in order to perform that specific technique to its full extent. Death Kwon Do is most likely based on Tae Kwon Do. The supposed teacher, Sensai, teaches the Death Kwon Do techniques from an 80 paged Wide-Ruled notebook. According to Sensai, Death Kwon Do is about fighting their inner darkness, such as for self-defenses, patiences and wisdoms, this was shown with Jerry, and formerly Rigby (prior his redemption) whom lacked these terms and had much more inner darkness within them.


List of Techniques

Bicep Flex of Death

The Bicep Flex of Death is the first technique shown in the book. It is never shown in action, but by the looks of it, the move just looks like its a flex.

Leg Lifts of Death

The Leg Lifts of Death is the second technique shown in the book. Like the Bicep Flex of Death, it is never shown in action. It looks less like a fighting technique and more like an exercise. According to Sensai, it is "a good beginner's move and it is a lame move. This move would not protect you."

Pelvic Thrust of Death

Pelvic Thrust of Death

The Pelvic Thrust of Death is the third technique shown in the book. This attack is never shown in action. Sensai says that this is one of his favorites.

The Death Punch of Death

The Death Punch of Death

The Death Punch of Death is the most deadly (and most redundantly named) among the techniques. It is not a beginner's move. It was first used by Rigby when he stole this page when the instructor turned his back. He eventually learned the move, and it was later used by Mordecai, Benson, Sensai, and the Grandmaster. The move is a punch done from a distance that emits a wave with unbelievable power, shown to be able to tear apart a stone fountain with ease. Its true destructive power can be exploited by making contact with the target, causing an energy pillar to explode at the point of impact, reaching high into the clouds. The only known way this move can be defended against is with the Death Block. The page after this technique is blank.

The Death Kick of Death

Though it was not mentioned by the name, the Death Kick of Death is a known technique that mainly used kicks. It was first used by Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, and Sensai on their journey when they infiltrated the Death Kwon Do mountain to find Sandwich of Life to cure Benson. A rapid version of the Death Kick of Death is first used by the Death Kwon Do Grandmaster against Mordecai and Rigby.

The Death Kwon Clog

After Rigby had stolen the Death Punch of Death page, a student came up behind Sensai and said: "Uh.. Sensai, I think someone just Death Kwon Clogged the toilet" (To which the instructor replies with an angry "Noooo"). The death technique has not been shown, though with what the student has said, it may serve the sole purpose of clogging toilets. "Death Kwon Clogging" may be the result of performing the Death Dump. More likely, it's merely a joke.

The Death Block

The Death Block is a blocking move and the only known method of countering the Death Punch of Death. This move is first used by Mordecai, though it is later used by Rigby, Benson, and Sensai on their journey to find a Sandwich of Life cure for Benson. Considering its impressive defensive ability, it may serve as an all purpose block that can defend against many other otherwise lethal threats.

The Death Jump

The Death Jump is a really high jump that is almost like flying. It was first used by Mordecai to save himself and Rigby from dying in the lava pit from their fight, and he later used it again along with Rigby for first time to save themselves, Benson, and Sensai from  Death Kwon Do mountain's destruction.

The Jumping Kick of Death

Thought it was not mentioned by the name, the Jumping Kick of Death is a combination between Death Jump and Death Kick of Death, first used by Mordecai and Rigby against the Death Kwon Do Axe wielding guards.

The Death Dump

The Death Dump is never seen in action, since Rigby told Mordecai to use the Death Jump. It is implied that this attack uses the act of defecating.

The Step of Death

The Step of Death is a move term for taking steps throughout the first floor of Death Kwon Do mountain. The practitioner is required to say "Step of Death" with every step they take because if they don't, they will plummet to their death.

The Death Flight

Though it was not mentioned by the name, the Death Flight is first used by the Grandmaster, Mordecai, and Rigby during their final confrontation and battle.

The Death Push

Though it was not mentioned by the name, the Death Push is first used by the Death Kwon Do Grandmaster while he tries to deliver a blow of Double Death Sandwich into Benson's mouth.

The Bicycle Kick Of Death

The Bicycle Kick of Death is an attack used to deflect deadly projectiles, apparently with high accuracy. This was used by Mordecai and Rigby to deflect the Double Death Sandwich (Which nearly killed Benson) after the page was given to them by Sensai.

Eagle Claw Of Death