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Death Bear
Death Bear
Biographical Information
Species: Brown Bear
Gender: Male
Show Information
Appears in: "Death Bear"

Death Bear is the main antagonist in Death Bear.


Death Bear is a large, brown bear. He wears a pickelhaube, a helmet associated with WWI-era Germany, and a red cape around his neck.


Described as "Evil to the core," Death Bear is an extremely powerful bear, easily being able to slice a man's arms off with his claws, withstand countless tranquilizer darts—hundreds of which are needed to incapacitate him, and is even capable of performing martial art based attacks, such as a roundhouse kick that has enough power to send a man through a wall.


Fifteen to twenty years prior to the events of the episode, he was a regular bear who lived in the Park Zoo. One day, out of nowhere, he attacked and killed his trainer. The zoo was forced to close down, but Death Bear wouldn't leave. He still roams around the old abandoned zoo, growing more evil over the years, only to be able to survive by breaking into people's homes, eating all of their food, and then eating them. Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen tried to get a picture of him in his cage, but Death Bear reveals itself and chased them back to Pops' House. There, Eileen calls Animal Control, but Death Bear incapacitates all the officers. Mordecai then grabs an animal tranquilizer gun and begins shooting at the bear multiple times. The darts appear to have no effect at first, but Death Bear soon succumbs to effects of the tranquilizers. The unconscious bear was then put into the hands of Animal Control, who transports him by helicopter to an animal sanctuary.


  • Death Bear Appears - Regular Show - Cartoon Network

    Death Bear Appears - Regular Show - Cartoon Network

    Death Bear may be a homage to the Bald Headed Killer Bear from the 1988 movie, The Great Outdoors. Like Death Bear, the Bald Headed Bear was also supposedly a myth, but eventually turned out to be real.
  • Death Bear is the first bear antagonist, the second being the Polar Bear from "The Christmas Special"
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