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Death is a supporting character in Regular Show. He made his debut in the Season Two episode "Over the Top".


As the Grim Reaper himself, Death is incredibly cruel, ruthless and sadistic. He shows pleasure in collecting souls and enjoys seeing others in pain, such as when he laughed at Skips struggling for his life while arm-wrestling him. He is also shown to have a short temper, such as throwing the Soul Ball at Rigby instead of just handing it to him after he won it.

Despite this, Death has many honorable qualities. He always keeps his end of a deal and even gives praise to those he respects, such as when he complimented Mordecai and Rigby as the "best babysitters he's ever had". He also deeply loves and cares for his wife and son.


Death represents an undead skeleton-like figure, with a slim body, greenish-white skin flaps. Several skin flaps segment his mandible from his upper jaw (once compared to shredded Parmesan by Rigby), which give the allusion of a mustache and sideburns. He also has very dark brown neck-length hair, and empty eye sockets.

Death's attire is composed of British biker clothes. He wears a black motorcycle jacket, a grey sleeveless shirt, and a torn hoodie around his neck. Both the shirt and the hoodie scarcely hide his rib cage. When he removes his jacket, Death's right arm is shown to be abnormally muscular. His lower body is dressed with a pair of blue jeans tied up with a taupe belt and skull shaped buckle. A small chain is dangling from his left back pocket. On his feet, Death wears a pair of brown leather shoes with pointed tips. On occasion, Death wears sunglasses, a biker's helmet and a knapsack. When on date night, Death wears a grey dress shirt and a black blazer (as seen in "Dead at Eight" and "Play Date").

Death also has been known to share many similarities to the lead singer and bassist of the band Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister.


Early Life[]

Death came into existence in prehistory, acted as the grim reaper for years, taking the souls of many who's time to die had come. Skips' being granted immortality by The Guardians of Eternal youth greatly irritated him, and he kept saying he would take his soul eventually, although he never got to. Death apparently entered plenty of eating challenges, and never lost.

Killing Rigby[]

Death's first appearance was in Over The Top, where Skips had accidentally killed Rigby. He appeared to take Rigby's soul before Skips made a deal to bring him back. After cheating Death, he comes forth with his end of the deal and brings Rigby back alive. Before leaving he tells Skips that someday he will have his immortal soul.


As the personification of death itself, Death is extremely powerful, being able to rival and hold an advantage over Skips in their armwrestling, implying great strength. Death also has power over souls, and can teleport to the underworld and back via his motorcycle. He can also teleport in a blaze of fire, and manipulate souls to a considerable extent. It is presumed he has the same powers Thomas has, but to a much higher degree.

Death's Belongings[]

  • Death's Motorcycle
  • Death's Soul Ball
  • Death's Soul Amulet
  • Death's Scythe
  • Death's Soul Rings
  • Death's Book, The Hungry, Hungry Soul-Sucking Death Worm
  • Death's Favorite Harp


  • Death's appearance is based on Motörhead vocalist-bassist Lemmy Kilmister, having a British accent as well as Lemmy's signature facial hair and moles.
  • Death is the grim-reaper of the Regular Show universe.
  • His appearance may also be influenced by the DC Comics character Lobo, an intergalactic bounty hunter, who dresses similarly, rides a motorcycle-like "spacehog" (which has a skull ornament on the front of it), and has white skin and shoulder-length black hair.
    • He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Grimm from Twisted Metal. [1]
    • He may have also been somewhat derived from the Marvel superhero Ghost Rider, a skull-faced vigilante that rides a flaming motorcycle.
    • Another character with whom he may have been based was Bones Justice of the cartoon Mutant League,
  • A running gag is him being able to foreshadow upcoming episodes, as seen in "Dead at Eight" and "Guitar of Rock".
  • His quote "Your soul is mine" is based on Shang Tsung's line in Mortal Kombat.
  • He has been married with his wife for a year.
  • Death has an average left arm but a giant, muscular right arm that was shown in "Over the Top".
  • Death is one of the few characters to have five fingers, as opposed to the usual four. Another being Skips.
  • He speaks with a strong cockney accent.
  • His son, Thomas, bares a strong resemblance to his evil personality.
  • He appears in the comic "Spoiler Alert". Mordecai and Rigby spoil a movie, so death attempts to spoil their death.
  • In Issue #3 of the Adventure Time X Regular Show comics, it is implied that Death has a cousin. He is also well-aware of Adventure Time's Death and has some sort of animosity towards him, as implied by his comment about him.