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This article is about the employee seen in Grave Sights. For the one seen in Brain Eraser, see here. For the gumball machine, see here.

Dave appears in the episode "Grave Sights". He has blonde hair, glasses, and enjoys the horror film "Zombocalypse (3D)". He tells Mordecai and Rigby that they should rent it along with the projector for it and the 3-D Glasses. He also appeared in the episode "The Best VHS in the World" as a semi-antagonist.


He wears a white shirt and a blue cap. He has light blonde hair and wears glasses, also he has a soul patch beard.


  • His name might be Dave, as he is listed as Video Store Dave in the credits of The Best VHS in the World.


"The Best VHS in the World"

"That's My Television"

"Laundry Woes"

"Skips in the Saddle"