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"Daddy Issues" is the third episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and fifty-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 23, 2014.


CJ is eager to win a "Cut the Cheezer's" card while at a mini-golf tournament, to try and defeat her father, Carl Putter, to show him that she is just as good as he is at mini-golf.


The episode begins with Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen and CJ standing in a rather long line at Cheezers. Rigby is the most upset and most starving (even though he had breakfast 30 minutes ago, stated by Eileen). After a while, the guys are now in the restaurant, and the waiter gives them their food. Rigby then notices that there are golf balls on their trays. The waiters mentions that they're for a competition called the "Sink Hole de Queso", in which you try to putt your ball into a hole on a sloped board. If you manage to make your ball fall into one of the holes, that person's party gets to eat for free. Excited, Rigby throws his lunch on the bathroom door, and prepares for the challenge, claiming that "free means better." Rigby ends up swinging his ball into a guy's face because he swung too hard. Mordecai tries, and even though he goes up the slope, it fails to fall into a hole. Eileen steps up, but she doesn't swing hard enough, which result in her ball stopping at the edge of the slope. With CJ their only hope, Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen encourage her, despite acting uneasy at first. She swings her ball and it falls into the top hole.

Because she sunk her ball into a hole, Chaz Melter, the Founder and CEO of Cheezers congratulates CJ for being the only customer to ever beat the "Sink Hole de Queso" challenge, and gives her a Free Lunch certificate. Chaz believes that because of her skills, she should participate in a mini-golf tournament called "Putterpalooza," (which is sponsored by Cheezers themselves). The grand prize is a "Cut the Cheezers" card, a card that allows it owner to travel to the front of the line at Cheezers for life. CJ denies the offer, saying that she doesn't like mini-golf. But the guys encourage her to participate, mostly Rigby, who desperately wants the card.

At the mini-golf course, CJ claims to be rusty, even though she's an expert at sinking her ball into the hole at every hole. But at the Mermaid hole, CJ's ball misses the tunnel due to the Mermaid's swinging tail. Upset and angered that she missed the shot, CJ turns dark and throws her golf club away in a huff, which breaks a random person's car windshield. The gang calm CJ down, and CJ apologizes for her actions. The reason why she cant handle mini-golf is because of her father, Carl Putter, who is a successful mini-golfer. Rigby assumed that CJ's last name would be putter, but CJ says that isn't true because the "Putter" last name is just a nickname.

In a flashback, Carl Putter is seen training a young CJ to play mini-golf. At one hole, CJ nearly makes it into the hole, but Carl scolds her for this. CJ claims that her father would never let her win, which is shown when CJ putts her ball, only for it to be ricocheted by Carl's ball and get mocked. She eventually reached her edge when CJ participated in a mini-golf tournament, and when Carl constantly told her "slow and steady," she putts her ball very weakly, just before it stops in front of the moving obstacle. After Carl scolds her claiming that she'll get second place, her anger gets the best of her and walks away after bending her golf club. CJ claims that she never played mini-golf since that day, until she did at Cheezers the previous day. Back in the present, Mordecai realizes how much pressure was put on CJ and tells her that she doesn't have to play if she wants, only to be stopped by Rigby, who demands that she play for the "Cut the Cheezers" card. CJ says she'll enjoy the competition since Carl wouldn't be around. However, their joy is cut short when the owner of the car whose windshield was smashed by CJ realizes the damage. When the owner of the car demands to show who wrecked his window, the four run away quietly, hoping they wouldn't get caught.

The next day, the Cheezers "Putterpalooza" is starting, and Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen cheer on for CJ in the distance. CJ then notices a crowd gathering, and fearing for the worst, when the crowd separates, it is revealed to Carl Putter. When CJ questions her father why he's here, he mentions that his good friend, Chaz Melter told him that CJ was participating in the contest. Mordecai tells Carl to stop what he's doing, only for Carl to mock Mordecai for being "sensitive." Fed up, CJ signs her name on the sign-up sheet to put her father in his place. And since Carl can't let CJ have all the fun, he too signs his name on the sign-up sheet.

We now cut into a series of clips showing CJ and Carl getting successful hole-in-ones that bring them up higher on the roster. Because of this CJ and Carl are now tied for first place. With CJ and Carl tied, Chaz Melter mentions that they're now in Sudden Death mode, where the two tiebreakers have to putt at the same time, and whoever misses a hole immediately loses. Chaz then starts the Sudden Death round, and when he pulls a lever, the ground begins shaking, and a giant mini-golf course begins rising from the ground. The Sudden Death course includes an active waterfall, crystal rocks, and an active volcano. The sight of the golf course makes CJ utter "I hate mini-golf." After traversing through the dangerous course while at the same time, making successful hole-in-ones, CJ and Carl reach the final hole: the volcano.

Carl is about to make his shot, when suddenly, the gophers that decorate that tunnel they're standing under suddenly come to life. Carl quickly putts his ball, but it misses the hole just sightly. Chaz realizes that Carl missed, and states that if CJ were to make it, she would win. Carl tells CJ that they should escape, but CJ refuses, claiming that she can make it. Since CJ refuses to leave and follow his father's advice, Carls runs from the scene.  CJ prepares for her shot, only to be attacked by a couple of gophers. Hearing CJ screaming, Mordecai runs to help her. When Mordecai arrives, CJ tells him to clear a path. After knocking out most of the gophers, a gopher the size of a human (like the Stag-Man from "Camping Can Be Cool") comes in and prepares to attack CJ and Mordecai. Upon seeing the two in danger, Carl yells at the gopher-man not to mess with CJ while she tries to putt. He then pulls out a driver, and swings his ball right into the gopher-man's groin, which causes his head to explode. With the gophers all finished, Carl tells CJ to sink her ball. CJ swings her ball, and when Mordecai, Carl and a couple gophers look on, her ball lands in the hole, and the volcano erupts.

The gang comes in and Chaz congratulates CJ for winning the "Putterpalooza," and Carl finally appreciates CJ for winning. Chaz then presents CJ with her "Cut the Cheezers" card, but since CJ has now re-kindled with her father, she no longer wants the prize and throws it into the lava, much to Rigby's horror.

As everyone leaves while Rigby cries in despair over the loss of the "Cut the Cheezers" card, Eileen consoles him by telling him that she'll always stand in line with him.


S6E03 Daddy Issues Credits



  • This is the final episode Sarah Oleksyk boarded with Benton Connor.[1]
  • "The Putt Hut" mini-golf course in this episode looks exactly like the mini-golf course in "Do Me a Solid"
    • However, the name of course is "Golfantasy".
  • CJ's dad make his debut and is revealed to be a famous golf player.

Pop Culture Reference[]

  • The Cheese man who barges through the wall at Cheezers resembles the Kool-Aid Man.
  • This the second time Christopher Mcdonald played a golf theme character. The first being Shooter McGavin in the 1996 film, Happy Gilmore.


  • Before CJ makes her shot at the Bridge hole, the temple on Eileen's glasses is missing.
  • Before Carl Putter makes his shot at the Ice Cream hole, the white stripes on Mordecai's arms are transparent.
  • Despite Timmy dying in "The Last Laserdisc Player", he and his co-worker can be seen in the background during the mini golf tournament.