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"Cube Bros" is the twenty fifth episode of Season 7 of Regular Show (and two hundred and sixth overall) It first aired on April 16, 2016.


Muscle Man gets a job in a corporate office.


The episode begins with a normal park meeting. Benson tells everyone what they have to do and Muscle Man has the worst and heaviest jobs. On the next day, Benson assigns Muscle Man more hard work, to which he objects. However, Benson tells him that these jobs should be easy on account of his strength. Muscle Man takes offense to this, claiming that he's as smart as he is strong. With this he quits his job at the park to work at an office job (Mordecai, Rigby and Skips doubting his ability while High Five Ghost objects to him leaving). Muscle Man soon applies for a job at a company known as Omnitech. At first, the company's office manager refuses to offer him a job, but after Muscle Man helps him open a pickle jar he changes his mind. Muscle Man is placed in the office of former employee, Ron. However, after a few hours Muscle Man finds his new job dull and boring. He then hears 3 employees laughing in their cubicles. Muscle Man meets the 3 who introduce themselves as Randy, Andy & Gill (All 3 of them having strange similarities to Mordecai, Rigby and HFG). The 3 of them doubt Muscle Man has the skills to replace Ron, causing him to study hard in the field of data ethics. The next day, Muscle Man has fully learned the basics.


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  • This episode's premiere was the least viewed in the series' history, receiving 0.79 million views.
  • Andy, Randy and Gill resemble the park workers; Rigby, Mordecai and Hi Five Ghost respectively. Furthermore, Muscle Man introduces one another as "cube bros" and "park bros". This could be a ploy by the creators of what may happen if Rigby, Mordecai and Hi Five Ghost get office jobs.
  • Randy, who looks like Mordecai, also looks like the voice actor of Mordecai and creator of the series J.G. Quintel.
  • Skips is revealed to be very smart and does the Park taxes.

Episode Connections

  • Muscle Man does another bad comedy act the same way he did the first time in "Under the Hood."

Pop Culture References

  • This episode reference several memes such as when Andy asks Muscle Man if he lifts, when Muscle Man saw Ron's portrait and says he didn't skip leg day and finally when Muscle Man says that escalated quickly after the company got blown up (this also doubles as a reference to the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. The original quote was "Boy... That escalated quickly. I mean, That really got out of hand fast!)
  • The name Omnitech may be a possible reference to the company name Initech from the movie Office Space.
  • This episode bears some resemblance to the plot of the Season One SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Nature Pants".