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CrewCrew Theme
Characters Performed By Alpha-Dog
Episode "Rap It Up"

CrewCrew Theme is the name of CrewCrew's introduction rap, rapped by Alpha-Dog.


Yeah, CrewCrew's coming at you,

Say it twice, don't forget it,

Y'all better catch up to where we're at,

You're behind the times,

Can't compete with our dope rhymes,

So you better say your goodbyes,

We got Francois,

Blitz Comet,

V-Tron, the Jersey kid, on the beats,

You know we rock,

Then Demel-Ishun, the dopest girl on the mic,

And Alpha-Dog, I bark the truth, my verses be all nice and tight,

So now you know who were are,

CrewCrew is the crew shining brighter than a quasar,

But you're bizarre,

Yes, you sir, are a loser,

So cover up that freakish dome and head back home and take your poems.

OOOH, loser!

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