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"Crazy Fake Plan" is the sixteenth episode of Season 7 (and one hundred and ninety seventh overall) of Regular Show. It aired on December 1, 2015.


Rigby wants to surprise Eileen for the first time.


Mordecai, Rigby and Margaret are watching "Commentary from RGB2" when Eileen comes out of the kitchen and says that her "famous peanut butter and celery appetizers will be out in a jiffy" then there is an ad for "seeds of agony" which is a giant strawberry. Mordecai claims "that's crazy" then Rigby starts devilishly laughing saying that he's taking Eileen to see it and their coming too. He says he wants them to not ruin the surprise, but claiming that she is to smart for one saying that he has tried to surprise her in the past and it's failed (even showing three flashbacks where he tried to surprise her, but she figured it out before he even showed up to her house). He states that he has thought of a crazy plan and she won't figure it out. Both agree to help Rigby the Eileen comes out saying "wait, I feel a surprise brewing" with Rigby responding with no you don't! With Eileen guessing several answers none correct.

Next scene Rigby comes into the coffee shop wearing a weird outfit saying "Here I have something for you: holding a flower. Eileen guesses they are going to "beach Prom" Rigby says he has a different surprise and that she is not going to guess it. A random guy in a pink shirt says "50 years from now are you going to remember busting tables, now get out of here you crazy kids." Which Rigby says he did talk to her real boss. They walk outside to find Mordecai and Margaret next to Margaret's car claiming that it was random after asking if they need a lift. with Rigby yelling "just get in the car!"

in the car Eileen guesses A shoe store and beach prom again. The sea turtle fan club is in sight when Rigby says to turn around, take a U turn here. which they arrive at the park Saying "everyone get behind the house" Eileen thinks that the things are going to be a hot air Balloon Muscle man claims it s for a park birthday though saying "you better be back I'm not working this by my self after last time" Mordecai claims the way that Rigby's plans going they might not be back for a month. Rigby yells for them to get back in the car. They pass a few things one being the observatory and the Carbon Gardens. They stop at a gas station and leave Eileen claims this is the best surprise Rigby has ever done. They come to a sign that says "No people No restrooms No Gas No Food" all them claiming that they won't make it in time. Their hesitant, but go in which Rigby gives them directions. After going over a hill they see a biker gang Mordecai says to turn around being part of the plan Rigby denies.

There is a scene where they try to pass the Wasp Riders which they all grunt and growl. they get past one row, but the second goes and blocks them off. They surround the car and Eileen claims she's scared. The leader comes up to the car claiming they don't fit in and asking what's their business. Rigby Claims he wont tell them after they tie them up with duct tape saying they'll throw them off a cliff. They go up a hill still asking what the surprise is with no every time and Eileen saying that he should tell them. They get to the top of the hill which they are escorted out of the car they ask and Rigby says that he'd rather die then give up the one thing that might surprise Eileen. Eileen is thrown into a bag which you can hear Rigby scream that he'll tell them.

The bag is lifted off her head and Rigby tells her the Surprise which everyone was a part off. Eileen goes through everything that meant nothing in the plan. Rigby claims he had to out crazy her and asks if she is surprised with the answer as a yes! Eileen also apologize to Rigby for always quickly figuring out the surprises he plans for her saying her mind is also a curse and thanks Rigby for sticking with her. Rigby and Eileen hug with Eileen asking who the Biker where with them saying they were from the murder mystery with the leader explaining the situation. It cuts to them drinking soda watching the strawberry and the sunset Eileen asking if Rigby wanted anything from the car with a surprise me from him. Margaret and Mordecai are surprised it worked and saying that they were terrified of the bikers with Rigby saying it was part of the surprise.


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  • Eileen is revealed to be an expert on finding out surprises.

Cultural References[]

  • The Carbon Gardens place is a reference to the 1993 film, Jurassic Park.

Production Notes[]

  • The Regular Show title screen with the subtitle "A CARTOON NETWORK ORIGINAL" below it returns in this episode and for the remainder of the series after previously being removed for the first 17 episodes of Season 7.
  • This is the second episode to air during the third "Regular Show Bomb."