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S5E19.005 At the Crash Pit
The Crash Pit was a large pit in the ground at the Park. It no longer exists because it was a potential liability that the park wasn't insured for. It was filled up with dirt in "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit".

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost used to drive vehicles into the pit. They did this by getting in the car, starting the engine, putting a cinderblock on the accelerator, and then jumping out just before the car would fall in. Scottie was in charge of gathering the audience for the spectacle. The Crash Pit first appeared in "Death Metal Crash Pit" as part of Muscle Man's story in "Terror Tales of the Park". It later appeared in "The Best Burger in the World", where the Grill 'Em Up Truck fell into it, proving that the crash pit exists outside of Muscle Man's imagination. It was also seen in "Busted Cart" when Mordecai and Rigby were grinding in it during their Extreme Cartin'. It was filled up in the episode "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit". Before that could happen, however, it was shown that a small tribe of Carlocks dwelled in the Crash Pit and lived in the many cars Muscle Man and the guys had trashed. In "New Bro on Campus", after the pit has been filled, grass and trees started growing around it.

In a flashback on New Bro on Campus, the crash pit was revealed to have been created by Muscle Man and Fives themselves during a drag race at the Park. Both of their vehicles crashed onto a giant boulder named Eagle's Rock, and the former explosion resulted in creating the giant sinkhole what we now know as the Crash Pit.

In Struck by Lightning, Muscle Man digs back the crash pit in order to remember he and Fives' friendship.

In Regular Show: The Movie, A past Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost were trying to crash the spaceship down to the Crash Pit, but the present day Muscle Man stops them and saves the spaceship with Skips and the present day Hi-Five Ghost.

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