Courtroom Employee
Biographical Information
Home: City (presumably)
Occupation: Courtroom Worker
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Black
Show Information
First appearance: "Trash Boat"
Latest appearance: "Happy Birthday Song Contest"

The Courtroom Employee is a minor character that first appeared in Trash Boat.



In "Trash Boat", when Rigby changed his name to "Trash Boat" and wanted to change his name back, she told Trash Boat that he had to have $50 if he wanted his name back. She helps a guy named Mr. Butt Cheeks change his name back to Chad as well. Near the end of the episode, where The Urge is trying to break into the courtroom, she seems to be totally bored. Mordecai and Trash Boat grab two ropes and Mordecai shoves one through the door handles. He holds the door shut while Trash Boat goes to change his name back. She stamps the papers very slowly, and then The Urge absolutely destroys the front doors of the courthouse. She continues stamping, ignoring the fact that the front of the courthouse just got destroyed. When she finishes, she finally looks up and notices The Urge, and the other rock star who comes back to kill him. After this, she quietly closes the flaps over her window. When the courthouse is destroyed, she managed to escape, because she is seen in Seasons 5 and 6, albeit non-speaking.

In "Real Date", when Mordecai and CJ were at the Coffee Kiosk in Town Square, she can be seen walking in the background. 

In "Happy Birthday Song Contest", she is one of the judges for Farmer Jimmy's Happy Birthday song contest.

In "Men in Uniform", she makes an appearance during the Huge Head event where she is seen walking in the back when Pops asked his father, Mr. Maellard, if the park will remain open.

Episode Appearances

Season Three

  1. "Trash Boat" (debut)

Season Five

  1. "Real Date" (non-speaking cameo)

Season Six

  1. "Happy Birthday Song Contest" (non-speaking)
  2. "Men in Uniform" (non-speaking cameo)



"Trash Boat"

"Real Date"

"Happy Birthday Song Contest"

"Men in Uniform"