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Cool Cubed
Cool Cubed
Biographical Information
Occupation: Unknown
Species: Cool Cubed Slushy
Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
Relatives: Unknown, possibly Coffee Bean
Show Information
Voiced by: Sam Marin
Appears in: "Cool Cubed"

Cool Cubed Slushy is an ice-syrup drink mix introduced in the episode "Cool Cubed." It is referred to as a "slurpee" in general, but it is very different from a normal slurpee in many ways.

In "Cool Cubed", the Cool Cubed creature serves as the main antagonist alongside the Translator. When Mordecai and Rigby go inside of Thomas's head to melt his brain core, the Cool Cubed attempts to freeze the core. Right when Cool Cubed jumps into the core, Mordecai successfully shoots an arrow at him. This causes him to melt in the brain core.


The Cool Cubed Slushy looks like a typical slurpee drink. He has blue slush, which is inside a blue container that has his name, and a picture of mountains and a yeti. He also has a transparent head, which reveals the slush that has his face. He has red straw on his head, and blue arms and legs.


  • Cool Cubed bares a strong resemblance to Coffee Bean. Both are polar opposites. However, they still have Translators.
  • Instead of speaking "coffee" language, he speaks "freeze" language, making him an obvious parody of Coffee Bean. They may even be related in some form. 


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