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This page is the transcript for "Cool Bro Bots".

(Episode begins with Rigby looking at his cell Phone seeing the words "Trust no one" written on the screen. Rigby puts his phone down and sees a spaceship heading towards the park dome. The garage door to the dome opens and the spaceship goes into the dome)

Benson: Get inside! (The spaceship door opens and a set of steps are automatically placed down onto the floor of the Park Dome. We see smoke come out of the air and three shadows which look like robots appear. Every park member runs into the house.) Hurry! (Benson slams the door shut along with a chair, two cabinets and a shelf barricading the door)

Pops: Do you think they saw us?

Benson: (puts his finger on his lips) Sssshhh...

(Pops starts panicking and breathing heavily after someone knocks on the door. Benson puts his palm on Pop's mouth in order to avoid being heard. A whirring noise of a gun is heard and blows up the door and the furniture. The Park Gang screams after Four robots walk inside Pop's House)

Leader Bro Bot: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry. We didn't know anyone was in here.

Mordecai: Please don't kill us.

Leader Bro Bot: I'm afraid we'll have to kill you... with kindness! (Everyone except Skips questions themselves) Yes.