"Cool Bikes" is the seventh episode of season three (and forty-seventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 7, 2011. It received 1.833 million views, making it the least viewed season three episode.


Mordecai and Rigby are put on trial by a galactic court for being too cool.


After taking a high-end cart for a joyride, Benson takes the cart away from Mordecai and Rigby and replaces it with two manual bikes after seeing that it is messed up. Mordecai and Rigby make a deal with Benson that if he admits they are cool he is required to give the cart back. Mordecai and Rigby first re-design the bikes and go to the clothing store, das coolest to get cool clothing to prove to Benson that they are cool.

After a montage of them getting new clothes and Benson saying that they are not cool, people circle around Rigby, Mordecai, and Benson. Benson says again that they are not cool. Then Mordecai says "[they] don't care what [Benson] think[s]". After he says that, Mordecai and Rigby are placed under arrest for being too cool. They are then teleported to Intergalactic Cool Court, a space station resembling the death star wearing a pair of shutter glasses.

As they are in court, the prosecuting lawyer first brings out Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost to ask whether or not Mordecai and Rigby are cool, to which Muscle Man replies that "they looked pretty cool". After, the lawyer brings out the Das Coolest employee who says they were "the most uncool dudes ever" until "they brought tons of business into [his] store". Right before the two were convicted as guilty, they told Gary to bring Benson in as a witness. He comes to the stand and finally states that "Mordecai and Rigby are the coolest guys [he] know[s]". That prompts the judge to say that "[Mordecai and Rigby] are guilty of being too cool" and the punishment is death. Benson helps Mordecai and Rigby escape.

Right before they leave through the teleporter, Mordecai throws a bike at a satellite dish which causes the whole ship to explode before they make it back to earth. Afterwards, Mordecai asks Benson if they can have the cart back to which he says no.


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  • The basketball shoes Mordecai and Rigby wore in "Slam Dunk" make a reappearance in this episode.
  • Despite Benson still refusing to give Mordecai and Rigby the cart back at the end, they are shown driving the cart again in other episodes. It is possible that Benson had eventually changed his mind about not giving them back the cart.
  • It is not explained how Mordecai and Rigby were able to afford all the trendy clothes considering they are often portrayed as broke.

Pop Culture References

  • The shot of the teleporter back to Earth is a visual homage to the film They Live.
  • The appearance and explosion of the Cool Court's ship parodies that of the Death Star from Star Wars.
  • This episode includes similar sound effects to that of the 1995 VHS cut of the Doctor Who 1983 episode "The Five Doctors".

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