Christopher McDonald
Birth date: February 15, 1955
Birth place: Manhasset, New York
Occupation: Actor
Education: Hobart College
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Stella Adler Acting Conservancy
Parents: James McDonald
Patricia McDonald
Spouse(s): Lupe Gidley (m. 1992)
Children: Jackson Riley McDonald
Hannah Elizabeth McDonald
Rose McDonald
Ava Catherine McDonald (b. 2001)

Christopher McDonald (born February 15, 1955)[1] is a voice actor for Regular Show, having provided the voice of CJ's father, Carl Putter. McDonald is known for portraying Darryl Dickinson in Thelma & Louise, Kent Mansley inThe Iron Giant, and as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore.[1][2]

Early life

Christopher McDonald was born on February 15, 1955 in Manhasset, New York, the son of James, an educator, and Patricia McDonald, a real estate agent.[1][3] He grew up in Romulus, New York.[2] He later studied dentistry at Hobart College with a football scholarship, before switching to English.[4] He then began attending the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.[2] He then persuaded acting coach Stella Adler to help hone his acting skills, taking classes at the Stella Adler Conservancy.[1][2] Before being an actor he worked as a waiter.[4]


After graduating at the Conservancy, McDonald made his film debut in Nightclub Cantata.[1] He later played Darryl Dickinson in the film Thelma & Louise, which would become one of his most well known roles, as would playing Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore.[1][2]

McDonald has also acted on Broadway, taking part in the plays Chicago and Lucky Guy.[5]

He has also dabbled in voiceover work, providing the voices of Kent Mansley in The Iron Giant, Superman in Batman Beyond and Hego in Kim Possible.[6]

Voice credits

Season 6

Personal life

McDonald had a younger brother, named Daniel (1960-2007), who was also an actor. Daniel died in 2007 from brain cancer; he also has a sister.[4][7] McDonald was once involved in a car accident that put him into a coma for two days.[8] He married actress Lupe Gidley in 1992; together the couple have four children: Jackson Riley McDonald, Hannah Elizabeth McDonald, Rose McDonald and Ava Catherine McDonald (born September 4, 2001).[3][7] McDonald is also a fan of auto racing, and once raced in the Long Beach Grand Prix.[1]

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