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For more information on the individual stories told within this episode, visit any of the following: "Snow Planet", "Twelve Days of Christmas Rock", "The Fifth Dimension" or "Krampus".

"Christmas in Space" is the twenty-third episode in Season 8 (and two hundred and fortieth overall) of Regular Show. It aired on December 1, 2016.


The guys celebrate their first Christmas in space by opening presents, eating peppermint bark and telling Christmas stories. Benson wants the stories to be more Christmassy, but the guys keep adding scary elements, which only infuriates their boss.


The episode starts with the gang eating peppermint bark for the first time in space. When Benson tells the park gang that this Christmas could be anymore special, Rigby says Christmas stories and doesn't care about Eileen's statement about hearing from their loved ones again. Benson is not interested in the stories as they are more of a Halloween tradition rather than an Christmas thing. He is interested in telling them in a form of a song - carols. Skips stops Benson from beginning his carol and decides to tell a story.



S8E23 Christmas in Space Credits

Stories Only[]



  • Even though this is a Christmas episode, it has the same plot line for the Terror Tales of the Park series, which are Halloween episodes.
  • This is the last Christmas episode in the series.
  • This episode confirms that Muscle Man is Jewish, as he says a Sorrenstein Hanukkah tradition. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights.
  • The Nine Ladies Dancing were the only verse, whom they never appear with other verses in 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Mordecai's mom would always give carolers cookies so they would go away.
  • Skips has a secret cookie stash in the toilet.

Episode Connections[]

  • The opening credits has a Christmas version of the theme song from the Terror Tales of the Park series and is similar to "The Christmas Special" due to the unusual fade-in and red and green changing background.
  • This episode has the same closing credits as "The Christmas Special."
  • Muscle Man's Jewish heritage was shown before in "Dumped at the Altar" when he broke a glass after he and Starla were married, which is a Jewish tradition.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The conclusion of Benson's first tale has a section from the end of "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo" by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  • The gunshot sound when Skips fires the cookies at the Rocker Caroler is similar to the gunshot sound of two of Scout's weapons from TF2: Force-A-Nature and Soda Popper.
  • Ludlow the Laser-Nosed Reindeer is a pun on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the actual character which is even mentioned by Benson.
  • Rocker Caroler sing the tradition Christmas song, "12 days of Christmas."
  • Mordecai and Rigby's story sees them enter a door floating through space like the one seen in the intro to the The Twilight Zone. A musical sting similar to the show's theme also plays when the door appears. Additionally, the elevator, bellhop, and the fifth-dimension premise of the story are all possible references to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a dark thrill ride located at certain Disney parks.
  • Benson's second tale references the legend of Krampus, a horned, anthropomorphic figure in Alpine folklore who during the Christmas season scares children who have misbehaved, assisting Saint Nicholas.

Production Notes[]

  • The Nielson Company accidentally lists this episode airing as part of Adult Swim, due to the episode airing at 8pm.
  • This is the last Regular Show episode to air in 2016.


  • The same present Benson threw at the snow monsters is used again in various scenes.
  • When Rudoph arrives, Benson is missing his necklace.
  • When Benson is in the Kitchen the window shows the Park in the daytime instead of in space.
  • When Rigby and Mordecai arrive in the fifth dimension, there is an error with the escalator scene. It shows a different Rigby and Mordecai going up the first escalator and down the third escalator. When the camera pans, alternate Rigby and Mordecai are instead going up the first escalator and down the second escalator.