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This page is the transcript for "Chili Cook-Off".

(Episode begins at the Park Managers' Lodge. Gene is starting a meeting.)

Gene: Alright, alright. Everybody settle down. The annuat Park Managers' Lodge $50 Chili Cook-Off will be this weekend, and as always, the cost of your ingredients cannot be more than $50.

(Benson is sitting at the apprentice table with two other lodge members, drinking from an orange juice box.)

Gene (continued): Day 1 will be an elimination round, and Day 2, finalists will complete in a no-holds barred arena match. Celebrity chef Sean Ben Pimento will judge.

(The lodge members talk amongst themselves.)

Gene (continued): The winner will get the undivided respect of the entire lodge!

(The lodge members cheer.)

Benson: (gasps) Respect...(stands up) I want to enter!

(The lodge members gasp.)

Park Manager #1: Benson, no!

Park Manager #2: Gene wins every year.

Gene: Ah, let the apprentice enter. Not like he's gonna beat me.

(The lodge members laugh.)

Park Manager #2: Let's have a preemptive celebration in Gene's honor!

(The lodge members rush off to celebrate, leaving Benson alone.)

Benson: (quietly) I gotta win this chili cook-off!

(Cut to Mordecai, Rigby and Skips at the Snack Bar.)

Mordecai: So I saw my 5th grade teacher at the grocery store yesterday.

Rigby: What?