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This page is the transcript for "Cheer Up Pops".

(The Park is seen being piloted towards Lolliland. Mordecai and Rigby enter the house, and Rigby starts beatboxing. They walk up to Pops)

Mordecai: 'Sup, Pops!

Rigby: What's good?

(Pops bursts into tears)

Mordecai: Um, you okay, Pops?

(Pops teleports outside of the House and continues crying)

Mordecai & Rigby: Whoa!

(Pops walks off crying)

Mordecai: Uhh...

Rigby: What the?

(Cut to Skips, who is on the roof of the House, catching a parasite, Pops walks near on the ground)

Skips: Agh! Gotcha, you stupid parasite!

(Skips throws the parasite away and notices Pops. He waves to him)

Skips: Hey Pops! Gotta catch those things before they destroy the ship and kill us all.

(Pops starts crying again, turns invisible and runs off)

Skips: Uh, okay...

(Pops is seen getting himself together, walking through the Park, When Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost suddenly show up in a space cart)

Hi Five Ghost: Hey Pops! Wanna go on a supply run with us?

Muscle Man: On the way, we're gonna see how close we can fly to a Sun!

(Pops starts crying again, and levitates away)

Muscle Man: Uh, okay! Your loss, bro!

(Transition to inside the house. Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips and Eileen are all trying to figure out why Pops is sad. Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost both enter the room, with a very obvious sunburn)

Mordecai: Guys, we gotta figure out what's got Pops so bummed out.

Rigby: Maybe he just misses Earth stuff, like wrestling and 2 ply toilet paper?

Skips: Maybe it's because we have to drink recycled garbage water all the time?

(Muscle Man, who is drinking water at the time, spits it out)

Muscle Man: Wait! We drink what?

(Everybody, aside from Eileen, argues about why Pops is so upset)

Eileen: Um, guys? (clears throat) You think maybe Pops is sad because in less than 24 hours, we'll reach lolliland, where he'll have to face Anti-Pops, his super evil twin brother, and figure out how to save us and the entire universe from being erased from existence?

Mordecai: Yeah, it's probably that one. We need to get his mind off all that. Before the battle tomorrow, let's make it our mission to show Pops a good time.

(Everybody positively responds to Mordecai's proposal. Transition to outside, Mordecai and Rigby are with Pops. They have a song for him)

Pops: A song? For me?

Mordecai: Yeah!

(Rigby starts beatboxing)

Mordecai: Looking good Pops, cool new magical abilities!

(Mordecai starts beatboxing)

Rigby: And I've always been impressed by your fashion sensibilities!

(Pops laughs and claps)

Mordecai: So cheer up, Pops! There's no need to cry!

Rigby: You'll fight Anti-Pops tomorrow and you probably won't die!

Mordecai: You're gonna win the fight, so 'til then let's have some fun!

Rigby: And if you don't, well that's alright! We'll all be erased from existence anyway.

Mordecai: Dude!

(Mordecai punches Rigby, as Pops starts crying)

Mordecai: Rigby!

Rigby: Sorry, I couldn't think of a rhyme.

(Cut to Benson, Eileen and Hi Five Ghost walking up to Pops in the kitchen. They have a cake shaped like Pops' head)

Benson: Hey Pops...!

Eileen: Surprise!

Hi Five Ghost: We made you a cake!

Pops: A cake? For me?

Benson: It's your favorite! Red velvet with raspberry filling! Let's cut you a big old piece!

(Benson cuts the cake with a knife, but it leaks out with red filling, looking like blood)

Eileen: This'll make you feel better!

Pops: Uhh...

(Pops looks at the cake, as it starts talking)

Cake: Help me...

(Pops bursts into tears. Cut to outside with Muscle Man and Skips, they have some fireworks)

Skips: Hey Pops! Check it out!

Muscle Man: Here comes the big show!

(Muscle Man lights the fireworks)

Skips: Run!

(Skips and Muscle Man run behind Pops)

Pops: Ooh, I love firing works!

(The fireworks get set off, as Pops admires them)

Pops: It's beautiful.

(An Earth firework appears in the sky, which is then destroyed by another firework, causing Pops to break down into tears again. Cut to everyone, minus Pops, back in the house again)

Muscle Man: Well that was a total bust!

Rigby: We were doing fine until your stupid fireworks!

Muscle Man: What are you talking about? Those fireworks were very festive!

(Muscle Man shoves Rigby)

Rigby: No, they weren't!

(Muscle Man and Rigby fight each other)

Muscle Man: Yes, they were! They were totally freaking festive!

Mordecai: That's it! Guys, I know what we've gotta do! What's the one thing guaranteed to cheer anybody up?

Muscle Man: The wet burrito combo platter at Chimichanga Ones?

Mordecai: What? No.

Skips: I don't know, it's pretty good.

Hi Five Ghost: I really like how wet they make it!

Mordecai: No, guys! I'm talking about a surprise party!

(A montage begins. Mordecai and Rigby invite people on Spacebook to their party, meanwhile the cake trio from earlier are preparing in the kitchen. Hi Five Ghost and Eileen are making a new Pops cake while Benson is making his infamous microwave wings)

Benson: Microwave wings! Microwave wings!

(Gary and the Guardians of Eternal Youth are seen arriving at the Park Dome. Skips answers the door)

Skips: Hey, you made it!

Gary: Bummer about the whole end of the universe deal. Oh, we brought chips!

Reginald: Honey barbecue and zesty lime!

(Death rings the doorbell, which Rigby answers to)

Rigby: Hey Death! Thanks for coming out.

Death: Oh, it's no problem. I was in and out here anyway!

(HD DVD and Blu-ray ring the doorbell, which Skips answers to)

HD DVD: He-hey!

Skips: Glad you could make it!

HD DVD: Of course! And we brought some HD DVDs we thought Pops might enjoy.

Blu-ray: To use as coasters, then we can watch some of my movies, as they're meant to be seen, on Blu-ray!

HD DVD: Come on! I thought you said you'd give me that one!

Blu-ray: Yeah, but those discs aren't gonna cheer anyone up, they're literally trash.

Skips: Heheh, okay...come on in!

(Transition to Muscle Man watching Pops walk towards the house, Muscle Man pulls out a walkie talkie to communicate with Benson)

Muscle Man: The eagle's approaching the nest.

Benson: Got it. Everyone, get in position!

(The lights are off and everybody hides, Pops walks in and the lights turn on)

Everyone: Surprise!!

Pops: Oh my! A party? For me?

Rigby: Yeah, Pops! For you!

Pops: How lovely! And all of my friends are here. Oh, but what's the occasion? It's not my birthday.

Mordecai: Hey, you don't need to have a reason to have a party!

Pops: Well, then let's get this shindig started! (laughs)

(Montage of the party. Everybody is dancing, Pops walks over to drink from his plastic cup and smiles as he looks at all of his friends enjoying themselves. He starts getting emotional, and runs outside)

Mordecai: (singing) Oh yeah!

(Everybody cheers)

Mordecai: Alright! Let's get Pops up here. Come on up, Pops! Pops?

(Mordecai notices Pops crying outside through the window. Everybody exits to see him crying on the steps)

Mordecai: Hey Pops, you okay?

(Pops looks up at Mordecai with tears streaming down his face)

Pops: Oh, yes! Jolly good party! Just getting some fresh air!

Rigby: Oh, well that's cool then! We thought you were having some sort of emotional breakdown.

Mordecai: Rigby!

(Mordecai punches Rigby)

Eileen: Pops, you know we're here for you.

Pops: I know. I'm sorry, it's just seeing you all together. All my good friends. If Anti-Pops wins tomorrow, everything will be erased, and I don't care what happens to me, but I don't want any of you to get hurt. You're my best friends.

Death: (sniff) I don't normally mix myself up in the affairs of the living. But in the battle tomorrow, you can count on my help.

Pops: Oh, I can't ask you to do that.

Oswald: Ridiculous! You're our friend, Pops.

Gary: Yes, and leaving you to face Anti-Pops by yourself would be totally uncool.

(Everyone supports Pops)

Pops: Good show!

Mordecai: Wait, I have an idea. When I finished high school, our class buried a time capsule full of moments for us to dig up at our ten year reunion, to see what we each put in it! What if we all put something personal in a time capsule, and shot it in space! That way, no matter what happens, there'll always be a part of us floating out there, forever.

Pops: Mordecai, that's a splendid idea! Good show!

Rigby: Yes! I can totally relate to wanting to do that now that I'm a high school graduate! But what would we even put in it? Like, our favorite chips or something?

Blu-ray: I can help with that! I can copy everyone's memories of their entire lives and put them in a Blu-ray boxset!

HD DVD: Uh, I can do that too if you guys want.

Blu-ray: Uh yeah, but your lives will look way better on Blu-ray.

Mordecai: Yeah, we should just go with Blu-ray.

(Everybody excitedly speaks amongst themselves as they get ready)

HD DVD: Show-off...

(Blu-ray transforms into her sentient form)

Blu-ray: Hey Benson, mind helping me get this thing started?

Benson: Uh, sure.

Blu-ray: Come on around back here, and pop open that little panel on my back.

Skips: Ooh, ever since we got to space, Benson's been killing it with the ladies!

(Mordecai laughs, while Benson tries to figure out which button to press, he starts sweating)

Benson: Uhm...

Blu-ray: Yep, there you go. Almost got it...

Benson: (breathing heavily) Huh, there's so many buttons back here.

HD DVD: Hey! I only have one button over here! You can't miss it!

Blu-ray: You guys will need to stay still once the process starts, it can be dangerous and disorienting. There's lasers involved. Don't touch the lasers!

(The panel at the back of Blu-ray beeps)

Benson: Found it!

Blu-ray: Good job, Benson. I knew you'd find the button eventually.

(Benson blushes and walks off)

Blu-ray: Memory scan commencing.

(A laser beams from her belt and begins to scan the lives of Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost and Eileen)

Blu-ray: Now hold on, guys. This might hurt a little bit!

Mordecai: Wait? What -

(Everybody's memories start getting sucked in the air to create the Blu-ray disc. Multiple shots from past episodes can be seen)

Rigby: Whoa!

Pops: We can see everything!

(Everybody admires what they're seeing. A compilation of Benson's freak-outs start showing up around them)

Mordecai: Dude, I think most of these are of Benson yelling.

Benson: No, they're not!

(he realizes that it's true, and starts to growl. A shot from "The Christmas Special" of Pops wrestling a polar bear shows up)

Hi Five Ghost: Whoa! Remember when Pops wrestled a bear? That was awesome.

(Multiple memories from Skips' past show up)

Skips: Good times...

(A compilation of Muscle Man's "My Mom" jokes begins)

Muscle Man: (laughs) Bros, are you not hearing this? I'm killing it! (laughs)

Mordecai: (laughs) Hey Rigby, check it out...

Rigby: What?

(Mordecai points to a shot of Rigby's "one cheek wonder" buttcheeks from "Death Punchies". Everybody laughs)

Rigby: Stop laughing! (screams) Don't look at that!

(Rigby runs towards the shot of his butt to hide it, everyone warns him to stop. Rigby ends up hitting one the laser shot of his butt, and causes the whole process to go wrong, with Rigby starting to float into the sky)

Rigby: What's happening? I can't stop!

Mordecai: Rigby! Blu-ray, turn off the laser!

Blu-ray: I can't! The process won't stop until it's done recording. You know, I was very clear about not touching anything!

Mordecai: Hold on, Rigby!

(Mordecai runs over to Rigby to save him)

Benson: Mordecai! What are you doing?

(Mordecai grabs Rigby's leg)

Mordecai: I got you, dude!

Rigby: Dude, I'm slipping!

(Mordecai begins to float along with Rigby)

Eileen: Guys!

(Eileen runs over to them and grabs Mordecai's ankle)

Rigby: Aw yeah, Eileen!

(Eileen starts floating too)

Skips: Come on!

(Everyone aside from Pops runs towards the trio, Pops whimpers. Everybody ends up floating and are no longer connected)

Everyone: (screams)

Pops: Oh no!

(Pops, still grounded, uses his telekinesis powers to keep everybody from floating any higher. It works)

Rigby: Aw yeah, Pops!

Pops: I don't know how long I can hold on!

Mordecai: The memories are catching up! We're almost done, Pops!

(A shot of the plant creature from Space Creds appears)

Rigby: Dude, that killer plant was cool!

(Shots of the current episode start showing up, meaning that the boxset is almost at completion)

Mordecai: Look! It's us right now.

(The final still frame gets recorded. The Blu-ray lasers disappear and everybody falls down to the Park ground)

Rigby: Whoa, that was awesome, Pops!

(Everyone complements Pops, who blushes)

Pops: Oh, it's nothing! Blu-ray, did it work?

Blu-ray: Recording...complete!

(A Blu-ray boxset featuring all of the characters exits Blu-ray)

Blu-ray: Everyone's memories saved onto their own commemorative Blu-ray!

Mordecai & Rigby: Cool...!

Skips: They've even got our faces on them! Pretty neat.

Blu-ray: Your entire lives are contained on these discs. I even took the liberty of compiling a few bonus discs. This disc is two hours of bloopers, and this one I call "Mordecai Pulls a Mordecai". It's a two-disc set!

Mordecai: What do you think, Pops?

(Pops cries, and everyone looks in fear towards him)

Pops: Don't worry! These are tears of joy! Now, no matter what happens, our friendship and all of our jolly good times will never be forgotten!

Rigby: That's great, Pops. Now, let's blast those discs into outer space!

(Cut to the statue of Curtis Montgomery, which has been taped up to some fireworks and the boxset. Muscle Man is getting ready to detonate them)

Muscle Man: In five, four -

Hi Five Ghost: Wait! What if the person who finds the discs doesn't have a Blu-ray player?

(Everyone worryingly talks amongst each other)

Blu-ray: Don't worry, I've got it.

(Blu-ray makes straining noises while producing a Blu-ray player. Everybody looks disturbed as a Blu-ray player hits the ground)

Hi Five Ghost: Wait! But what if the person who finds the time capsule doesn't have a big-screen TV?

Blu-ray: I can push one of those out!

(She starts pushing out a TV as everybody freaks out. Cut to the statue again, which now has the Blu-ray player attached too)

Muscle Man: Fire in the hall!

(Muscle Man detonates the fireworks, but it goes wrong and the statue crashes into the House)

Mordecai: Or...we could just bury it in the Park.