This page is the transcript for "Cheer Up Pops".

(Episode begins at the cruising Park Dome. We are shown a computer that display the dome heading to Lolliland, Mordecai and Rigby enter the house.)

Mordecai: What's up, Pops?

Rigby: What's good?

(Pops didn't say anything to Mordecai and Rigby. He begins to cry.)

Mordecai: Umm... You okay Pops?

(Pops disappears and reappears outside)

Mordecai/Rigby: Whoa!

(Pops walks away crying)

Mordecai: Uhh...

Rigby: What the...

(Skips is working on the dome's engine when suddenly a parasite appears out of nowhere, causing Skips to scream.)

Skips: Gotcha, you stupid parasite! (Pops appears behind Skips, who notices) Hey, Pops. Gotta catch those things before they destroy the ship and kill us all.

(Once again, Pops doesn't respond to Skips and begins to cry. Then, he disappears and while being invisible, he walks away, which you can tell by his footsteps.)

Skips: (confused) Um.......okay...

(Pops is still walking away crying when Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost drive up to him.)

Hi Five Ghost: Hey, Pops. Wanna go on a supply run with us?

Muscle Man: (excitedly) On the way, we're gonna see how close we can fly to a sun!

(Again, Pops doesn't answer and starts crying and then flies away)

Muscle Man: Uh....okay. Your loss, bro!

(The scene changes to the park workers talking on the couch in the house.)

Mordecai: Guys, we gotta figure out why Pops is so bummed out.

Rigby: Maybe he just misses earth stuff like wrestling and two ply toilet paper.

Skips: Maybe it's because we have to drink recycled garbage water all the time.

(Muscle Man is drinking water when he hears Skips' statement, he spits out his water)

Muscle Man: (confused and surprised) Wait, we drink what?

(All the park workers begin talking loudly when Eileen speaks up.)

Ellieen: Uh, guys... (Eileen clears her throat loudly, and once the park workers stop talking, she begins to speak up again.) Do you think that maybe Pops is sad because in less than 24 hours we'll reach Lolliland, where we'll have to face Anti-Pops, his super evil twin brother and figure out how to save us and the entire universe from being erased from existance? (music suddenly stops)

Mordecai: (agreeing with Eileen) Yeah, it's probably that one. We need to get his mind off all that. Before the battle tomorrow, let's make it our mission to show Pops a good time. (All the park workers agree with Mordecai's idea and start talking altogether.)

Muscle Man: Let's do it.

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