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Chad is a brushtail possum who appeared in the episode "Replaced" as the replacement for Rigby. He seems to be very trustworthy. He got a degree from The Institute of Technical Technology along with his best friend, Jeremy. They are both seen eating burritos in "Every Meat Burritos."


Chad wears a white v-neck shirt, a necklace with a shark tooth on it, and dark green pants. He has brown fur, a brown tail, a black nose, and brown hair.


  • Unlike Rigby, he wears clothes.
  • Chad's attitude and appearance seems to fit with the stereotypical "hipster" subculture. For example, Chad wears skinny jeans, a shark tooth, and a v-neck shirt; he has a snobby and unenthusiastic personality; and he obsessively uses what is supposedly an Apple product.
  • Chad and Jeremy are possibly named after the English folk musicians Chad & Jeremy.
  • He and Jeremy have a different voice actor.


Season 3

Season 5

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