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Celia B. is a minor character in Regular Show. She made her debut in the Season Five episode "The Postcard." She was briefly mentioned in "Skips in the Saddle" and made another appearance in "Merry Christmas Mordecai."


Four years ago, Hi Five Ghost met Celia at a cafe. After a brief conversation, they both realized they had a lot in common. By the end of the day, Hi Five Ghost remarked how much he enjoyed being with her and suggested doing it again. Celia regretfully informs him that she is leaving for Prague to continue her studies and the only way for them to remain in contact is via postcard (as neither of them has a phone). They both agree that if they are still single in four years, they'll start where they left off.

Unfortunately, when Celia does send the postcard, Hi Five Ghost can't read it and goes through a series of tasks to try and decipher it. After giving up his search, he happens to find her in the cafe where they first met. They hold hands, and are now dating.

Hi Five Ghost and Celia also appear in "Merry Christmas Mordecai." They are still dating and appear to be having a good time dancing at the party.

Celia looks concerned for High Five Ghost when the Park blasts off into space. During the finale, she and HFG hug after being apart for so long. They get married, become famous DJs and have a son together.


Celia has fair skin and long eyelashes. She has naturally dark hair with shaved sides, as well as longish teal hair on top her head.

She typically wears a purple t-shirt with a wide collar, a grey pleated skirt, a purple belt/sash, long white socks, and dark shoes. She also carries a red purse. In "Merry Christmas Mordecai," she wears a blue Christmas sweater with an angel print over her regular shirt.

During the time montage, her teal fringe is longer and styled back, and she is wearing a red top that is cutout in the front to reveal a yellow top underneath, a pink choker necklace, a white skirt, and fuzzy pink boots. She wears headphones with this outfit when she and High Five Ghost DJ a concert in Prague. During the reunion, she has her hair dyed orange.



Hi Five Ghost

In the episode "The Postcard," they meet in a cafe and, despite having a great time with each other, cannot start a relationship as Celia is returning to Prague to finish her studies. They agree, however, to get back in touch if after four years they are both still single. Celia sent a postcard (that, unfortunately, no one can read) four years later telling Hi Five Ghost where to meet her if they are both single.

Despite wanting to meet up with her, Hi Five Ghost is unable to decipher the postcard. With help from a forensics team, he manages to discover that she wants to meet him in a pizza chain restaurant. Unfortunately, it is unclear which restaurant she wants to meet High Five Ghost in, and so the effort was fruitless. Eventually, he finds the restaurant where Celia wanted to meet, but alas, she had already left. Swallowed with depression, High Five Ghost goes to the café where he had first met Celia. He begins to drown his sorrows in coffee, but is greeted by a surprised Celia. Both were ecstatic to meet each other again, and they start dating.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai," they are seen talking to Muscle Man and Starla. They also dance, and during a slow song, Celia kisses Fives under a mistletoe.

In Hi Five Ghost's Halloween story "Going up" in the "Terror Tales of the Park V" episode, Fives is trying to get to Celia's floor at her apartment building while trying to get past the Elevator Repairman, who is later revealed to be a ghost haunting the broken elevator for 40 years. When the repairman grabs Fives, Celia is shown concern for her boyfriend when he is in trouble.

In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special," she shows concern for Fives when the Park blasts off into space.

In " Welcome to Space," a picture of her and Fives is shown of her kissing Fives on the cheek, to show that she will still love him even if he is in space.

In the "A Regular Epic Final Battle" epilogue, she and Hi Five Ghost are shown to be married after Fives returns from space and the both of them get married and become famous DJ's. They also have a son who is a half ghost-human hybrid.

Muscle Man and Starla

Celia is good friends with Muscle Man and Starla. Their friendship was mentioned in "Skips in the Saddle," and presumably began then.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai," Muscle Man and Starla are talking to Celia and Fives about their upcoming marriage.


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  • Celia's natural hair color is black.
  • Celia was mentioned briefly in "Skips in the Saddle" when Muscle Man said he and Fives were taking "our ladies." This indicates that the two are able to meet up with each other.


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