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This is the transcript for Cat Videos.

(The episode starts with Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost watching internet videos)

Rigby: You guys haven't seen "blargh.avi" yet? We're watching it!

(the screen shows a video)

Girl: (she has a dog on a lead) Go! (The dog jumps and makes her fall) Blargh!

(everybody laughs, but Benson quickly slams the door open)

Benson: Nailed ya!

(everybody screams)

Rigby: We were using the computer for business purposes!

Benson: You don't think I know about Funny Video Fridays, but I know! (he laughs) You're gonna get such a write-up!

Mordecai: Quick! Put something on Benson'll like!

(Rigby quickly types and a cat video comes on)

Benson: (his pupils grow) Wha-?

Mordecai: Heh-heh. It's a cat video, Benson.

Benson: Cat Video?

Rigby: Here's another one!

(he clicks on a video of a cat playing)

Benson: Whoa! When did they start making these?

Rigby: A long time ago, Benson.

Mordecai: There's millions of them.

Benson: People just put up videos of their cats? On the internet?

Rigby: That's right, man. So just sit down for an hour or two and catch up.

Benson: I love cats. (he sits down)

(everybody leaves the room, except Mordecai)

Benson: So all I have to do is click on these cats?

Mordecai: Yep. Just focus on the cats and not on the write-ups.

Benson: Write, what?

Mordecai: Exactly. (he quickly leaves the room)

Benson: (watching a cat video) Whoa-huh-huh-huh! (he laughs)

(The Next Day)

Rigby: Sorry, sorry. I know I'm late to the morning meeting.

Skips: Don't sweat it. Benson isn't even here yet.

Rigby: That's weird.

Mordecai: Yeah. He's never late.

(Benson shows up sleep deprived)

Mordecai: Did you stay up all night watching cat videos?

Benson: Sure did. (chuckles) Did you know, there are internet cat celebrities? There's Fat Cat, Rat-a-tat Cat, and Mari, the Japanese cat that likes boxes. But my personal fav, is Curmudgeon Cat. (Bensons shows a video of Curmudgeon Cat's owner waving its paw and the video freezes.)

Benson: Ugh, piece of junk! (snaps his fingers and gasps) I've got to get a new phone! (He starts to leave)

Mordecai: Uhh.

Muscle Man: Uhh, Benson? We need our assignments.

Benson: Oh, right! Pops, you're in charge for the day. (He gets in his car and drives away)

Pops: I'm assigning you all old timey dances! (starts dancing)

Skips: This is bad. And Mordecai and Rigby are responsible!

Rigby: What are you talking about?

Muscle Man: You got Benson into cat videos you get him out. Those are the rules.

Rigby: Hey, I got an idea. Lets just wait until Benson snaps out of it.

Pops: My legs feel like wet noodles! (continues dancing)

Mordecai: We better go check up on him.

(cuts to Bensons apartment where he is laying on a couch watching cat videos and pouring a bowl of cereal and McFluffin interrupts)

Benson: McFluffin... I'm trying to watch a video about cats.

(McFluffin leaps off Benson spilling the cereal)

Benson: Hey... I wasn't done with that. (he tries to reach for it then pours milk and cereal into his mouth) Now, where were we? (Benson watches more cat videos) Aww, he thinks he's people. (advertisement pops up)

(Needs completion)