This is the transcript for Cat Videos.

(The episode starts with Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Skips, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost watching internet videos)

Rigby: You guys haven't seen "blargh.avi" yet? We're watching it!

(the screen shows a video)

Girl: (she has a dog on a lead) Go! (The dog jumps and makes her fall) Blargh!

(everybody laughs, but Benson quickly slams the door open)

Benson: Nailed ya!

(everybody screams)

Rigby: We were using the computer for business purposes!

Benson: You don't think I know about Funny Video Fridays, but I know! (he laughs) You're gonna get such a write-up!

Mordecai: Quick! Put something on Benson'll like!

(Rigby quickly types and a cat video comes on)

Benson: (his pupils grow) Wha-?

Mordecai: Heh-heh. It's a cat video, Benson!

Benson: Cat. Video?

Rigby: Here's another one!

(he clicks on a video of a cat playing)

Benson: Whoa! When did they start making these?

Rigby: A long time ago, Benson!

Mordecai: There's millions of them!

Benson: People just put up videos of their cats? On the internet?

Rigby: That's right, man! So just sit down for an hour or two and catch up!

Benson: I love cats. (he sits down)

(everybody leaves the room, except Mordecai)

Benson: So all I have to do is click on these cats?

Mordecai: Yep. Just focus on the cats and not on the write-ups.

Benson: Write, what?

Mordecai: Exactly! (he quickly leaves the room)

Benson: (watching a cat video) Whoa-huh-huh-huh! (he laughs)

(The Next Day)


Cat Masterson: Pat the mouse!!

(Benson, scared weakly pats the mouse toy like a cat)

Cat Masterson: PAT THE MOUSE!!!!

To be continued.

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