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"Cat Videos" is the eighth episode in Season Seven (and one hundred and eighty eighth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on September 10, 2015.


Mordecai and Rigby have to get Benson to stop watching cat videos.


The guys are watching videos on the internet, Rigby suggests that the guys watch a video called "Blargh.avi" (which is a parody of "GO! BWAH!"), once it has finished, Benson comes in and tells them that he knows about them watching funny videos every Friday, he tells them that they are going to get a huge write-up. Rigby quickly types in a video on the internet, which is a cat video, Benson stops yelling at them and just stares at the screen, amazed at the video. He sits down and starts laughing as Mordecai tells him to not think about any write-ups. 

The next day at the morning meeting, Benson is late causing everybody to complain, Benson then comes out of the house, looking tired, he starts telling the guys about cat celebrities, then tells them about his favorite, Curmudgeon Cat, he looks at a video called "Curmudgeon Cat sez hi" on his phone, but it buffers, making Benson drive away to buy a smartphone. Muscle Man tells Benson that they need assignments, so Benson puts Pops in charge, the latter tells them that they are assigned to old-timey dances, he starts dancing. Skips then blames Mordecai and Rigby as they got Benson into the videos, Rigby then tells the guys to wait until Benson stops watching, but then sees that Pops is still dancing, making him and Mordecai decide to check up on him.

At Benson's apartment, Benson is watching another Curmudgeon Cat video on his new smartphone. Benson's cat McFluffin then jumps up to him and then jumps down, knocking over Benson's cereal, Benson tries to pick it up, but struggles, so he picks up the cereal and gets some milk and pours both into his mouth. He then sees an ad from the creator of most cat videos, Cat Masterson, who was giving an offer to come to his studio and meet Crumudgeon Cat. Later that day, Benson goes to the studio to meet Crumudgeon Cat as he saw on the ad. He was led to where he would meet Crumudgeon, where Cat Masterson's assistant, Dale asked Benson to put on a motion capture suit because it was "protocol", and shoved him into a dark room. A giant, cat toy then drops down, and Benson is asked to pat the mouse, and act like a cat.

Mordecai and Rigby then go to Benson's apartment to look for him, although they do not find Benson, they do find his phone just laying on the ground, and find the ad that tells them that he was at Masterson Studios. Mordecai and Rigby then go to Masterson Studios to look for Benson, however, after they ask, they are knocked out, Mordecai and Rigby later wake up, wearing motion capture suits, and in a massive, green room. Cat Masterson then comes on a screen and tells them that he does this because it was difficult to direct real cats, so he was just making videos of people in motion captures suits, that he used to make look like cats. He also explains that Crumudgeon Cat (real name Randall Tate) died in the process of a tightrope video, so Masterson replaced him with "Lil' Benny" (Benson), and he also made Mordecai and Rigby turn into cats, and broadcasted them as "Stretch" and "Runty" (which offended Rigby). Masterson then began using various, cat-video related obstacles, as Mordecai and Rigby tried to reach the door where Benson was, they hated it, but still did the stuff, like climbing curtains, and emerging from boxes. Eventually, they found Benson, but he had lost his mind, and actually believed he was a cat. Mordecai and Rigby then took Benson to try and get him out of there, but unfortunately, Masterson put up a giant laser pointer, that attempted to incinerate them, Benson then finally comes back to his senses, and goes with Mordecai and Rigby to try and escape, unfortunately, Masterson put up the "Cat Antagonist" (a dog, a toddler and a vacuum cleaner) which Mordecai, Rigby and Benson would have to escape from. They fought their way passed the antagonists, and made it to the control room. Dale tried to warn the oblivious Cat Masterson about the situation, but was unfortunate that Mordecai, Rigby and Benson made it to the control room. The three attacked Masterson and began to aggressively beat him up. They change back to their normal selves as soon as they finished beating him up. Masterson then turned out to be a cat himself, using one of the motion capture suits to disguise himself as a human.

Later, animal control took Masterson off as he was illegally forcing people to wear motion capture suits and act likes cats for his cat video. Benson now furious with Mordecai and Rigby, states that they messed up, and were lucky he didn't suffer any permanent psychological changes. Mordecai and Rigby then get into the cart to leave, Benson follows behind them, walking on all-fours and licking his hand, stating he actually did suffer permanent psychological changes, the episode ends with Benson walking towards the gold cart.


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  • Cat Masterson breaks fourth wall saying the protagonists (referring to BensonMordecai, and Rigby) have won.
  • Benson reveals that he once had a pet cat named McFluffin.
  • Benson gets a new smartphone in this episode.
  • This episode likely took place before an earlier one where Benson was watching a cat video for personal entertainment.
  • Pops can be seen doing the Charleston when he's dancing in front of the rest of the workers during the Morning meeting.
  • This episode focuses on Benson's cat obsession, which has been shown throughout the series.
  • Masterson Studios' exterior design was based on the Cartoon Network Studios building in Burbank, California.
  • Despite now having cat instincts, Benson did not have them in later episodes, so it is possible that the psychological changes were not permanent.

Pop Culture References[]

  • "Blargh.avi" is a parody of the viral video on YouTube, Go! Bwaaah!
  • When Mordecai and Rigby find Benson at Masterson's studios, his dialogue is a reference to Marlon Brando's dialogue in Apocalypse Now.
  • Masterson's Studios is a reference to Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, CA, while its logo is a reference to Warner Bros. Entertainment.
  • One of the cat videos, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is a reference to the 1968 musical movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Episode Connections[]

  • A call-back to this episode came later in a later episode, when Benson stated that he is no longer a cat person. (TV: Benson's Pig)
    • Because he is no longer a cat person, it is unknown what he did with McFluffin.


  • When Rigby moves the mouse cursor off the screen during the "Blargh.avi" video, the cursor goes over the edge of the screen.
  • Benson gets angry at Mordecai and Rigby for what they did although it was his fault for checking out those cat videos.